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PTSD Information+Resources

Other PTSD resources + links

National Institute of Mental Health PTSD Information and Resource page–includes links to open case studies happening around the United States
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs’ PTSD website–includes general information, links for the public, links for professionals, and treatment comparisons for both veterans and the general public
National Child Traumatic Stress Network--extensive resource guide for survivors of childhood abuse
PTSD subreddit–Reddit forum for talking about PTSD with other trauma survivors; my personal favorite PTSD forum
Healthy Place–A website that includes an extensive mental health article library comprised of general descriptive articles, and also highly unique subjects, related to a variety of mental illnesses including PTSD and sociopathy
‘Tuck’ Trauma Resource–This website is devoted to sleep disorders and has a page dedicated to the ways in which trauma and PTSD affect sleep, and ways to help. The overall website includes helpful tips and mattress reviews.

Other PTSD/trauma related blogs

Survival Is A Talent by August Pfizenmayer

Addiction Information+Resources

Addiction resources
Addiction Resources–Comprehensive website that includes a drug addiction self assessment and rehabilitative resources
National Institute On Drug Abuse–Includes research based information about addiction treatment
Erowid–Website and public forum with a vast library of drug information, including user-submitted true stories
SMART Recovery–An alternative to the 12-step program; includes online classes and national listings
PTSD and Substance Use Disorders–An in-depth examination and explanation of the correlation between PTSD and drug addiction; the host site also offers comprehensive addiction resource and information articles
Addiction Center–comprehensive addiction resource with information and articles on a variety of addiction related issues. Site features include a huge substance library, overviews of a variety of common co-occurring disorders (including PTSD), a 24/hour nationwide treatment line, and (my personal favorite feature) a Community Blog page with a variety of under-discussed topics.

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Worth Writing For by Elizabeth Voyles

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Babies to Bookworms
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