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You have a story to tell, and Betty’s Battleground wants to help you tell it.

We are seeking guest posts on a variety of mental health topics. Check out our calls for submissions below:

Tales From the Other Side

Tales from the Other Side: A guest post series on

Are you a clinician, friend, family member, or co-worker of someone living with PTSD, addiction, or a related mental illness? I need guest bloggers with perspectives from the ‘outside looking in’ for my “Tales From the Other Side Series.” Many of my guest writers have co-occurring disorders or PTSD themselves, as well as having a story to tell about how someone elses’ disorder affected them. Some have no experience with mental illness except as an observer. I am interested in stories from either!

Parenting with Mental Illness

Parenting with Mental Illness, a feature interview series on

I am conducting e-interviews of parents living with one or more mental illness for my feature interview series. If you are interested in being a featured parent, please fill out the general questions from the applicable survey below. You will need to verify your identity through social media/photos, though nothing will be shared without your permission.

If at least one of your diagnosis is PTSD, click here or copy & paste this into your browser:

If you do not have PTSD, but parent while having another mental illness or disorder, click here or copy & paste this into your browser:

Healing Words

A guest writer series about the ways we heal-on

Are you a professional who wants to help people suffering from PTSD, addiction, or a related mental illness recover? Have you experienced trauma, addiction, or mental illness and want to write about the tools you have used to heal? Betty’s Battleground wants to host your healing words!

Your Stories

Betty’s Battleground is also interested in hosting general stories from the perspectives of people who have experienced trauma, addiction, and/or mental illness. While I always accept conventionally formatted narrative pieces, I am actively seeking differently formatted pieces as well, such as open letters, listicles, multimedia pieces (that are blog shareable), etc. I am open to pitches, so please, if you have an idea, let’s chat.

Book of the Weeks

Are you an author with a published book in hardcopy? Would you like to see it featured with an honest review as a Betty’s Battleground “Book of the Weeks?” Please be able to send Elizabeth Brico a complimentary copy of your book, and also be available to complete an e-interview via e-mail. Fiction in the slipstream or speculative fictions genres, and non-fiction trauma or mental illness narratives have the best chance of being selected for feature and getting a good review. That is not exclusive however, so if you have a different type of book you’d like to see featured…it does not hurt to inquire!


All work must be unique and previously unpublished.

Blog posts should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words.

Please send your submission at least two weeks in advance of publication to leave time for edits. Include a bio with any links you’d link to include to your social media or personal blog.


If you are interested in writing for any of these series please e-mail Elizabeth Brico at 

Betty’s Battleground only accepts unique content-no exceptions. That means the post has never been published anywhere at any time prior. Betty’s Battleground will retain first publication rights. After three months all other rights will revert to the author but I ask as a courtesy that you provide a link back to the original post on if you choose to reprint your article after the three month period. 

When your guest piece goes live, part of the contractual expectation is that you will contribute to promotion by sharing the post link across your relevant social channels. You may also publish up to three paragraphs (or about 300 words) with a link to the rest of the post on Betty’s Battleground. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe sharing your piece due to the nature of the content, please contact Elizabeth Brico. If you do not contact Elizabeth Brico, the default expectation is that you will share the link with your social media followers. This includes all series and interviews.

If you are a brand that wants to work with Betty’s Battleground, or a publisher who would like to invite Elizabeth Brico to write for your publication, please see the contact page for more information.