Problems with saying I'm sorry--on

Tales From The Other Side: The Problem With Saying “I’m Sorry”

I’m sorry! Wait. What am I apologizing for? Existing? Having needs? What?! Does that sound familiar to you? It sure does to me. If you have issues with saying “I’m sorry” too much (or not enough), you’ll be really interested … Continue reading

Read a touching letter from one friend to another on

Tales From The Other Side: Letter To My Friend Who’s Coming To Terms With Her Abuse

Today’s guest post speaks for itself, so I will keep the introduction short. This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate a different kind of relationship. Let’s celebrate those who have the power to leave romantic relationship that are harmful, and the friendships … Continue reading

Find out why a male sexual assault survivor doesn't think men should be involved in #metoo

Tales From The Other Side: #MeToo Is For Women

Today’s post is a different type of “Tales From the Other Side” post than usual, because it’s written from the perspective of a sexual assault survivor about his experiences as a sexual assault survivor. This series usually focuses on those … Continue reading

Tales From The Other Side: How Social Systems Ignore And Exacerbate PTSD

Today’s guest post on social systems and PTSD comes from a freelance writer covering some of the ways in which our society worsens the experience of trauma survivors, even while trying to help them. This is an issue near and … Continue reading

August Blair guest writes for

Tales From The Other Side: Self-Care While Dating A Sexual Assault Survivor

  Today’s guest writer, AugustĀ Blair, appeared on this blog in the past–she wrote a post about her experience of being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder while her partner at the time was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. If you haven’t read … Continue reading

How To Literally Sleep Away Your Trauma on

Tales From The Other Side: How To Literally Sleep Away Your Trauma

Happy Monday! Did you sleep well last night? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. The Center for Disease Control estimates that over 35% of Americans do not get the recommended amount of sleep. Look at the PTSD population, … Continue reading

Read about one woman's experience growing up with a mom who had untreated bipolar disorder-on

Tales From The Other Side: “Growing Up With An Untreated Bipolar Mom”

Today’s guest blogger, Christy, grew up in a household with a mother who had untreated Bipolar Disorder. I can’t claim to have the same experience, or anything remotely like it, but I do have an aunt who has untreated Bipolar … Continue reading

A guest post about vicarious PTSD

Tales From The Other Side: Is PTSD Contagious?

Today’s guest post covers a topic that is not discussed often, especially within the PTSD community. Is PTSD contagious? Of course, in the common usage of the word “contagious,” it is not. PTSD is not a virus or a bacteria. … Continue reading

Part 2 of the Genelle Chaconas' guest post about PTSD on

PTSD Awareness Month 2017 Pt 2: “Through The Looking Glass”

June is PTSD awareness month and this is the second half of a two part special about the complex truth of life after trauma. If you missed part one, please take a moment to read it first. This guest post … Continue reading

Read about Genelle's experience with paternal abuse on

PTSD Awareness Month 2017: “Down The Rabbit Holes”

June is PTSD Awareness Month I have been sharing a lot of stories about PTSD this month on my blog. I shared a couple posts about my abusive relationship; one on forgiveness, and the other on what it was like … Continue reading

A guest post by August Pfizenmayer on

Tales From The Other Side: A Neurochemical Romance

Hello! Happy Monday! It really is a happy Monday because I have the honor of publishing this amazing guest post, and you’re here reading it šŸ˜‰ Last month August did me the great honor of hosting my very first published … Continue reading

Tales From the Other Side: “When It Happens To Your Child”

When It Happens To Your Child I have written a lot on my blog about the trauma I have experienced. I have written about the ways trauma has affected my day to day life, Ā and how it haunts my interpersonal … Continue reading

Trauma Informed Care by Sheila O'Donnell hosted on

Tales From The Other Side: “Trauma Informed Care”

Happy Monday. New week, new prospects. Well I live with PTSD so past trauma is always sticking to me, but I am hoping to at least shed some of last week’s crap. I’m starting to feel better from the interview…and … Continue reading

Guest Post Series on

Tales From the Other Side: “My Letter to My Sister After Her Suicide”

“My Letter to My Sister After Her Suicide” is the first installationĀ of my Guest Post Series: Tales From the Other Side If you have been following my blog, you know that I write about my experiences as a mother who … Continue reading