Trevor McDonald guest writers for

Healing Words: Five Tips to Help You Live In the Present

Hey guys, today I have a guest post from a new writer to the site. Trevor McDonald joins us with some tips on how to get started living in the present. Being present has a whole host of psychological benefits, … Continue reading

How to help a loved one heal after

Healing Words: Helping A Loved One Heal After An Abusive Relationship

I think many of us are at a place in our lives where we recognize a great deal of injustice and pain occurring around us, but may be feeling helpless about how to help. It’s a terrible feeling to care, … Continue reading

Writer Avery Philips discusses ways to mitigate family stress when one member has PTSD--on

Healing Words: Treating The Effects of PTSD On Family Members

It’s a pretty plain fact that when one member of a family has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other members of the family feel it in one way or another. This isn’t as terrible as it might sound to some. If … Continue reading

Learn how to heal from bullying on

Healing Words: How I Recovered From Bullying

As Winter break comes to a close and those who are in school return to classes and cliques, I think it’s important to discuss the effects of an insidious phenomenon: bullying. We are raised to believe bullying is an unavoidable … Continue reading

Justin discusses surviving male on male rape on

Healing Words: The Effects Of Rape Can Last A Lifetime

Today’s guest post describes the experience of a survivor of male-on-male rape, which has not yet been discussed here on Betty’s Battleground. As last week’s Tales From the Other Side guest post pointed out, some people just do not believe … Continue reading

Zoe Azrael talks sexual assault, shame, and healing on

Healing Words: Reclamation–This Is My Body. I Live Here.

In an effort to relieve the misplaced shame many sexual assault survivors carry, Betty’s Battleground is dedicating the month of November 2017 to sexual assault and rape awareness. I began the series with a post about the psychological impact of … Continue reading

Learn about the relationship between one person's dissociation and their crisis of spirit-on

Healing Words: The Magic of Dissociation & Crisis of Spirit

Today you have the opportunity to read one of the most interesting accounts of dissociation that I have ever encountered. I am extremely proud and grateful to have the opportunity to premier this piece on Betty’s Battleground, even though–and probably … Continue reading

Read about Ana's experiences growing in an abusive household on

Healing Words: Surviving My “Evil Stepmother”

Hello, happy Friday! As I promised earlier this week, I have a very special guest post from one of my favorite bloggers, Ana De-Jesus. Ana’s blog is Faded Spring, where she melds her fashion blogging and modeling with feminism, trauma … Continue reading

Discover the dangers of complacency on

Healing Words: Overcoming The Complacency Trap In Sobriety

Today’s guest post comes from a young man who has gone through addiction and come out the other side. But he writes today to remind us that sometimes the “other side” is not as clear-cut as we may believe. Complacency … Continue reading

Brandi Kennedy talks about how writing and mindfulness has helped her recover from chronic abuse on

Healing Words: An Author’s Search For Trauma Recovery Through Writing

Hey readers, I apologize for missing my Wednesday post this week, but I’d like to call your attention to the article I was busy working on instead. When I was pregnant and on methadone, I was caught in the Front … Continue reading

Learn how motherhood and mental health blogger MomMandy fought depression with medication on

Healing Words: How I Fought Depression With Medication

Today’s guest post comes from MomMandy, a mama who struggles with depression and who was featured previously as one of the Parenting With Mental Illness interviewees. In this article by Mandy, a mother who hails from the Netherlands, she describes … Continue reading

Learn how blogger and attorney Sheerin Siddique overcame three separate instances of sexual assault on

Healing Words: The Story Behind The Voice

  I’ve been getting a lot of traffic to my blog since my Vox article came out. I wish this beast were monetized! But hey, if you’re visiting from the Vox article, welcome to my ad-free blog! My husband thinks … Continue reading

Learn about one complex trauma's experiences with

Healing Words: “The Life Saving Effects Of EMDR”

I am really excited about today’s post. Last month, Karin opened up about parenting with PTSD in a Parenting With Mental Illness interview. Today, she shares her experiences with EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. I had not heard of EMDR … Continue reading

Find out how one man is choosing to walk away from a lifetime of abuse on

Healing Words: Undoing The Legacy Of Abuse

Jack’s Story: Undoing The Legacy Of Abuse Hello! Welcome to the day after you drank too much. How do you feel? Seriously though, I hope you had a happy 4th of July. Whether you’re an American or not, yesterday was … Continue reading

Part 2 of the Genelle Chaconas' guest post about PTSD on

PTSD Awareness Month 2017 Pt 2: “Through The Looking Glass”

June is PTSD awareness month and this is the second half of a two part special about the complex truth of life after trauma. If you missed part one, please take a moment to read it first. This guest post … Continue reading

Read about Genelle's experience with paternal abuse on

PTSD Awareness Month 2017: “Down The Rabbit Holes”

June is PTSD Awareness Month I have been sharing a lot of stories about PTSD this month on my blog. I shared a couple posts about my abusive relationship; one on forgiveness, and the other on what it was like … Continue reading

Read how one woman turned to therapeutic massage to help heal from her brother's sudden death-on

Healing Words: The Power Of Touch

Hello! Welcome to Friday. I am extra excited about today’s guest post. If you have ever visited my guest post info page, you may have seen mention of a series called “Healing Words.” For the past several months I have … Continue reading