Please Don’t Use Your PTSD As An Excuse Not to Wear a Mask

Hey. It’s been a while. Since the last time I posted, a global pandemic broke out. Never thought I’d be writing THAT! This pandemic has created a chain reaction of dumpsterfires across the country and globe–but let’s face it, mostly … Continue reading

My Favorite Stories from 2019

Hello loves. I am so sorry 2019 has been so quiet. If you follow this blog, you know that I have been fighting to get my lovely daughters back in my custody after the deep injustice and trauma of their … Continue reading

I don’t want to go to sleep.

I don’t want to go to sleep even though I need to. I don’t want to go to sleep even though I do, very much. I’m so tired. I don’t want to go to sleep even though I’m halfway there … Continue reading

Some Light Reading on Child Services

Hiya folks! It’s me Elizabeth Brico AKA Betty. I know, I know, I have not posted in farrrr too long. And I’m sorry to say, this won’t be a full post either. I have been doing a lot of work … Continue reading

An Open Letter To The People In Charge Of My Family

The “community agency” in charge of my case wants to adopt out my daughters. They tried, last month in court. But by the end of two hours, when it became clear that they had mislead the court about their efforts … Continue reading

The Civil Death Penalty Makes Hungry Ghosts of Mothers and Children

Termination of parental rights, or forced adoption, has been termed the civil death penalty. It is the worst action that can be taken against a parent who loves her children. Perhaps even more disturbing, it is the worst action that … Continue reading

Reimagining Communities With The National Council

Happy February! I am excited that I can now publicly announce that, for the next six months at minimum, I will be working with the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls to research and reveal the … Continue reading

Help me.

If You Care About Sexual Assault Survivors, You Should Care About My CPS Case

I walked into the courtroom a mother, and I walked out neutered. Before the hearing, I was playing with my two young daughters and another child. A little girl, who had wandered away from her mother to come play with … Continue reading

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Keep Betty’s Battleground Alive!

Hi all. If you follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been around as much as usual. And I’m sorry about that! Really, I am. I love producing honest, relatable content that helps other mamas with PTSD feel human, … Continue reading

Thank you for anyway you support

How You Can Help The Brico Family

If you follow this blog, you already know that my family has been forcibly separated for the past six months. If you’re not already familiar with the situation–or if you would like more information–I have published a couple articles that … Continue reading

PTSD and Natural Disasters: The New Normal?

As North Carolina grapples to recover from Hurricane Florence, on the heels of yet another wildfire outbreak in California, our national and global communities are realizing that natural disasters may very well be the new normal. Avery Philips joins Betty’s … Continue reading

Elizabeth B.Rico writes about sludge, when you read it you turn to sludge.

Everything Is Swamp Sludge

Everything is swamp sludge. The hallways are sludge. The stairs are sludge. The shoes and feet are sludge. The streets are sludge. The buildings are sludge. The cars are sludge. The drivers are sludge. The pedestrians are sludge. The shops … Continue reading

Lizards the size of

Elizabeth Brico Is Dead

Plantation General called me this morning to tell me that I am dead. It wasn’t news, but a relief nonetheless to hear my suspicions confirmed. That being said, I have other suspicions that I am still, in fact, alive. For … Continue reading

a short, sad fable on

Once Upon A Time–A Short and Sad Fable

Once upon a time, a baby was born. She was born as perfect as any baby is born, her hope and humanity and purpose still untouched by jealousy, by undue pain, by disappointment or despair. And so, despite some hardship, … Continue reading

Broward County is harming

Broward County Is Withholding My Children Indefinitely

The country went up in arms recently about the US government taking and withholding children from immigrant parents. Social media was abuzz with photos, videos, and audio recordings of children crying for their parents, being herded like animals in cages, … Continue reading

A Post About Dissident Happiness II

Dear person who read my 2017 post about dissident happiness today, thank you. Every once in a while I check my blog stats and see what posts people are reading (by the way–where is my guest post about growing up … Continue reading

Rebuilding My Life From The Rubble Of Familial Abuse

Right off the bat: will you take a moment to click vote 10 times for my poem and essay in a contest? Now, here’s the story… Earlier this year I asked for your help. I asked you to donate so … Continue reading

Learn about the less understood--but still harmful--forms of child abuse--on

Child Abuse Comes In Many Forms, And Is Never Okay

Though not yet an official diagnosis according to the American Psychiatric Association, complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) is being informally recognized as a more severe form of PTSD caused by prolonged trauma. Often, that trauma begins in childhood. Trauma that … Continue reading

Are you letting drug use stigma turn you into a horrible person? Find out

How Drug Use Stigma Ruins Lives

“Once an addict, always an addict.” This gem from the 12-step drug addiction recovery cult is one of the most harmful sentences to ever be wedged into our society, along with every other sentiment that mischaracterizes anyone who’s ever used … Continue reading

I am feeling suicidal and I need people with me

Crazy-Sitting And Thoughts Of Suicide

Thoughts of suicide are common in people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and other mental illnesses, or who are going through hardship in life. Although suicidal ideations are fairly common, they do not in and of themselves indicate that … Continue reading

Smile Brilliant on

Appearance Isn’t Everything–But Smiling With Confidence Helps

When I was a kid, my mother and my orthodontist conspired to ruin my smile. Okay, okay, they conspired to fix my smile. I had a terrible overbite, crooked teeth, and massive crowding. So at the tender age of eight, … Continue reading

If you're judging others, you need to work on yourself--on

Why Being Judgy Is A Privilege (That You Probably Shouldn’t Use)

Being judgy is a privilege. And while having privileges can be a positive thing, this is one in particular you probably shouldn’t be using. At least not as much as you might be. Everyone is judgmental to an extent. Being … Continue reading

Letting go of all your things is crushing and freeing rolled into one--on

Letting Go And Starting Over

Letting go is hard. When my mom was a young teenager, her family left Cuba in disgrace. In 1966, the Revolution was over, Fidel Castro was in power, and many of the changes that would prove him a ruthless dictator … Continue reading

My Life Is Falling Apart And It’s Not My Fault

If you’re looking for a picture, click here instead. Part of living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)–at least for me–is kind of thinking everything is completely my fault, even when I insist outwardly that it’s not. Some of that comes … Continue reading

Suicide prevention and awareness with Betty's Battleground and TreasureLives

February 8 Suicide Awareness Collaboration With TreasureLives

On February 8, 2013 Jonathan Lazarus–a brother to TreasureLives: Mental Health & Suicide Prevention and Awareness founder Melody Nolan–attempted to commit suicide. On February 8, 2016, Betty’s Battleground site author Elizabeth Brico did the same. John and Elizabeth weren’t alone … Continue reading turns one

Betty’s Battleground Turns One

Today January 23rd, marks the one year anniversary of my very first post, called Mommy Marching with PTSD, which was all about how and why I overcame my post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms to bring my elder daughter to Womxn’s March … Continue reading

Positivity is not about excluding everyone who isn't happy all the time; it's about exercising compassion and discovering your best self--on

You’re Probably Doing Positivity All Wrong

Have you ever decided you needed more positivity in your life, so you go through your social media accounts and purge anyone whose posts read as antagonistic, depressing, or negative in any way? Maybe you also dropped that friend who … Continue reading

Raising a girl is hard, but it's important to teach her to be kind to other girls. We can stop girl bullying--on

Stop Bullying: How NOT To Raise A Mean Girl

My three-year-old girl came home from daycare with a note. Ever since our littlest has been old enough to walk and play, Anabelle, older by only a handful of months, has been a terror. Grabbing toys from her little sister … Continue reading

Learn how trauma can be subjective but also differentiated on

Trauma Is Subjective. Assault Categories Are Not.

Since the #metoo campaign went viral, many necessary and important conversations have begun. We  dragged the truth about sexual harassment and assault into the light of day, exposing the fact that a disturbing amount of people–especially women–have experienced some form … Continue reading

Learn about the relationship between anger and PTSD on

Anger Is Everywhere in PTSD Recovery

It’s easy to know what I’m feeling at nearly any given moment, because most of the time what I’m feeling is anger. The intensity of that anger varies, sure, but it’s always there–with few exceptions. Post traumatic stress disorder is … Continue reading

Betty's Battleground slowly comes back online after a family member's hospitalization

I Haven’t Posted Since Last Year!

Hello. Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? If you didn’t, it’s okay. I forgive you…this time. Just because there were all sorts of holidays and excitement and all that. But it’s true.  I have not … Continue reading

Find out who won Amy Dresner's My Fair Junkie and then how to cope with unhealthy influences on

How To Cope With Unhealthy People In Your Life + “My Fair Junkie” Winner!

Today I want to reblog my latest post on HealthyPlace about dealing with unhealthy people, and also talk about a couple other things. We Have A Winner! The first and most exciting matter today is that we have a winner … Continue reading

Mental Health Heathers, Family Members, And Me

This is a post about me. Because right now, I need to talk about me, and I need to feel like someone’s listening–even if they’re not. This is a post that is just about me…it won’t also turn into a … Continue reading

Read Elizabeth Brico on The Establishment

(Reblog) I Loved The Man Who Abused Me

The memory that haunts me most is not being strangled until my body gave way to seizure. Nor is it the three days I spent being beaten in a motel by my lover. It’s not the day he raped me … Continue reading

The trauma of sexual assault doesn't end with the attack. Learn more on

Sexual Violence Lasts Far Longer Than The Act

I am shocked when I hear people telling sexual assault survivors to “just get over it.” I don’t understand how someone can categorize sexual assault as a singular act; as though it is just the event that happened without any … Continue reading

Why #MeToo isn't about men but men can still participate-on

#MeToo Is For Men, And Also Not For Men–And That’s OK

How many #metoo tweets and posts have you seen lately? A lot, I’m guessing. A damn, devastating lot. Which was the point, of course. The campaign was started to demonstrate just how many women suffer sexual violence. As more and … Continue reading

What have you learned to multitasking? Let me know on

11 Ridiculous Activities I Learned I Can Do While Breastfeeding

I don’t do straight up parenting posts too often, but hey, I am a mom, right? It’s not all gloom and doom and PTSD. Let’s talk straight up motherhood for once, and have some fun while at it, hmm? And … Continue reading

Leave a comment and tell me about you if you read!

Is There Anybody Out There? Comment If You Can Hear Me

If you’re reading this, will you leave me a comment? Every once in a while I get a message from a reader telling me that my blog resonates with her, that she appreciates my honesty, and that she appreciates that … Continue reading

Recovery without 12-steps is very, very possible-on

Why I Don’t Follow The 12-Steps, And Never Will

Late last week, I had an article published on STAT First Opinion called “By shunning medication-assisted therapy, 12-step meetings are making the opioid crisis worse.” I encourage you to read it if you have not already, because in this post … Continue reading

Find out what happens to someone with PTSD when all supports fail-on

How I’ve Been Dealing With PTSD When My Supports Failed

Feelings of worthlessness. Social anxiety. Telephonophobia. A sense of foreshortened life. Cherophobia. Agoraphobia. Nightmares that feel like a portal to hell. Physical numbing. Emotional numbing. Suicidal ideation. Suicidal intent. Low self-esteem. Poor sense of danger. Hypervigilance. Rage. Body aches. Depression. … Continue reading

Missing Elizabeth Brico's writing? Check out her favorite from 2017-on

I’m Sorry I Haven’t Been Posting…But Here Are Some Of My Articles To Read!

Hi readers. I’m sorry I’ve slacked on the posting these past couple weeks. I’ve been exceptionally busy with freelancing. Which is great, because it allows me a larger platform to talk about issues that are really important to me, and … Continue reading

What is it like for someone with PTSD to experience success? Find out on

Fame, Fortune, and PTSD: Am I Enjoying My Success?

I’m going to make a somewhat embarrassing admission. Well, it would be embarrassing if most people did not already know it about me. Ever since I was a wee gal, I have wanted to be famous. Specifically, a famous writer. … Continue reading

Why are some chronic pain patients furthering their cause by putting down ours?

The “Opioid Crisis” Is Not A War Against Pain Relief

I just encountered a disturbing phenomenon. Maybe I’m the last kid on the bus to notice this, but apparently there’s a sect of chronic pain patients who are opioid crisis deniers. They feel that the deaths of drugs users is … Continue reading

Sometimes, proper grammar makes writing worse. Find out how, and how to avoid it, on

Is Your Obsession With Grammar Hurting Your Writing?

As many of you are already aware, writing is a very important part of my life. If you check out the tagline, this blog isn’t just about PTSD and mental illness, it’s about living and parenting with PTSD. Living and … Continue reading

methadone dosing during 9/11-on

An Untold Story From 9/11

When the first airplane hit the Twin Towers, I was thirteen years old. It was still early in Seattle, and I was getting ready for school. I heard about it on The End, the local angsty rocker radio station. It … Continue reading

Labor Day Ranting: A Compendium Of Bullshit

It’s Labor Day, so I’m gonna take a break from the structured blog posts I’ve been writing and just rant a little. Which I really need because I don’t really have any other legit medium to rant anymore. I don’t … Continue reading

6 Common Compliments You should never say to a mentally ill woman-on

6 Common Compliments That Undermine Mentally Ill Women

2017 is a very cool time to be living when it comes to feminism. There is still a ton of work to be done, but it’s definitely awesome that everyone who reads anything knows about feminism. Even people whose reading … Continue reading

Find out if humans are naturally immortal on

Do My Near-Death Experiences Prove Immortality?

Are humans immortal? Am I? These are the questions that land people like me in psych wards. Yet also the exact questions being posited by ‘biocentrism‘ researchers like Dr. Robert Lanza. And, according to some of his ideas, maybe even … Continue reading

Find out how much you know about addiction by playing "Is/Is Not: Addiction" on

Game Time! Is/Is Not: Addiction

I have something new for you today! There are a lot of misconceptions about various topics that affect many people in this world. So many misconceptions. I’m sure I hold a few. But, having been through some things that sit … Continue reading

Why you should think twice before detoxing those "toxic" friends-on

Why The “Detox Negative People Fad” Hurts The Mentally Ill

You’ve heard it before. Maybe you have even said it, or some variation. “Detox the negative people out of your life.” The basic tenet is that we all deserve happiness, we all deserve to be around people who make us … Continue reading

Learn how cutting myself helped combat dissociation and flashbacks-on

Coping With PTSD Through Self-Harm

Last week I published a research based article about 10 scientifically-backed reasons why humans self-harm. Today, I’m going to get a lot more personal. PTSD is an extremely difficult disorder to live with. Coping is a daily struggle. In the past … Continue reading

Paying Markets for Metal Health Writers-on

The Big List Of Paying Markets: Mental Health

Note: This post contains sponsored links. For more information, please see the Sponsored Links and Posts Disclaimer on my Mission+Legal Page. I’m proud to say that Betty’s Battleground has reached it’s half-year mark. I started ‘er at the end of … Continue reading

Find out why people self-injure, on

10 Scientifically Backed Reasons Why Humans Self-Harm

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase “self-injury?” If your first thought is a black garbed teenage girl who is “just trying to get attention,” then this list will surprise you. There is a lot of stigma surrounding … Continue reading

Learn how my PTSD+Depression affect my kids in a tellall confessional on

A Family Problem: How My PTSD+Depression Affect My Kids

Although living with PTSD, Minor Depression, and an Addiction Disorder often feels like the loneliest existence on the planet, these are issues which affect my entire family. Especially when I am in the depths of an episode, I like to … Continue reading

Find out what the hell a Blaargh award is-on

Friday Happy Post! LiebShine BLAARGH Award!

Hey, you, pssst…over here! Wanna know what that title’s about? I dunno if any of you blog reading people have noticed, but there are two Blogger “Awards” going around that are exactly the same, but have two different names. The … Continue reading

Read about the good days in a crappy year on

The Light That Shines Through: A Post About Dissident Happiness

I have not been very happy this past year. Just over a year ago, on an innocuous evening in June, someone knocked on my door while I was in the bathroom. My husband answered, and accepted a packet that an … Continue reading

Find out what it's like to remain traumatized ten years after the event, when no one cares anymore-on

When No One Cares Anymore: What It’s Like To Still Be Traumatized 10 Years Later

A special post for PTSD Awareness Month June is PTSD Awareness Month, and yesterday, June 27th, was PTSD Awareness Day. Although I feel annoyed that awareness months only last for one month a year; afterall, those of us with PTSD … Continue reading

Learn the truth about being in a relationship with a psychopath, no

What It’s Really Like To Love A Sociopath

“Sociopath.” It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot. “Psychopath,” or the abbreviated version, “psycho” are used even more. People usually use these words to describe someone who they maybe don’t like, someone who has behaved in a rude … Continue reading

Forgiveness is for the benefit of the forgiver, but I still can't bring myself to do

The Forgiveness Conundrum: Why I Can’t Forgive My Abuser, Even Though I Know I Should

Forgiveness. That noble condition of the human mind which allows us to reconcile our past pains with our survival instinct. Some believe forgiveness brings us closer to the divine by allowing us the opportunity to rise above those who have hurt … Continue reading

Why I don't use trigger warnings even though I'm an educated liberal with PTSD on

The Great Trigger Warning Debate: Why I Don’t Use Trigger Warnings, Even Though I’m An Educated Liberal With PTSD

I have had PTSD, the result of severe and prolonged domestic violence, for over nine years. I am actively in therapy; I attend both one-on-one counseling and a peer support group every week. I regularly engage in mindfulness practices like yoga, … Continue reading

How surviving rape and developing PTSD has kept me

Rape, Trauma, Money: The Economics of my Mental Illness

Even if I don’t exactly remember the day, my mother has told the story enough times to imprint what looks like a memory into my mind. We’re at my elementary school playground. It’s a mild, overcast day, because it’s Seattle, … Continue reading has been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award 2017!

Blogger Recognition Award-2017

Once again Maria, the mama with PPD who I interviewed last month, has proven herself to be a rare and amazing new friend. I woke up from a nap on Friday evening, loaded on antibiotics and cough medicine, and did what … Continue reading

The question you SHOULD be asking survivors of domestic violence: "Why did you leave?"-answered

The Other Question: Why Did You Leave?

Earlier this year I wrote a post answering the terrible question that everybody asks, or wants to ask, survivors of long-term domestic violence: why did you stay? My hope for that post was that it would provide enough information, which … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning for the Mentally Ill on

Spring Cleaning for the Mentally Ill

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when the sun comes out, and everyone starts writing blog posts about their shiny new homes and their fabulous SPRING CLEANING technique that allowed them to get it done in twenty … Continue reading

What Females Are Sick Of-on

Eight Everyday Experiences I Am SICK Of Having As A Female

This female had a garbage weekend. If you have been following my blog at all, you know I’ve actually had a pretty terrible month. I don’t want to go into ALL of it, but for those of you who have … Continue reading

What I Learned In The Psych

All Roads Lead To The Nurse’s Station (or) What I Learned In The Psych Ward

For the most part, the media gets PTSD dangerously wrong. PTSD does not, generally, make a person violent. A kind, non-violent person will not acquire PTSD and then also the sudden unshakable desire to shoot up a grocery store. Sure, … Continue reading

Read what drove my suicide attempt on

Dear Family, Dear World: The Thoughts Behind a Suicide

My therapist said something last session which shook me to the core. Normally my humor is very dark, very dry. Knowing this, she feels comfortable telling dark, sometimes morbid jokes. The subject of my blog came up and she said … Continue reading

A Day Without A Mama

A Day Without A Mama: A Post For International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and the “Day Without A Woman” strike. A lot has been written already about how this strike is classist and exclusionary.  Some women simply cannot afford to lose a day’s worth of income, or risk … Continue reading

The Big Question: Why Did You Stay? A question which should never be asked of DV survivors, and question which is all too often asked of DV survivors. Answered.

The Big Question: Why Did You Stay?

The Big Question. The question everybody wants to ask survivors of long-term domestic violence. The question nobody should ever ask a survivor of domestic violence: Why did you stay? Why Did You Stay? Look, I get it. If you’ve never … Continue reading

The second half of my #RockingMotherhood Challenge-PTSD styel

Rocking Motherhood Challenge: Part Two

Hey folks! I’m back with Part Two of my version of the “Rocking Motherhood Challenge.” If you missed part one, you can catch up here. If you’re the type to just skip ahead instead, I’ll give you a brief summary of what … Continue reading

Elizabeth "Betty Mama" Brico takes on the #RockingMotherhood Challenge-PTSD style

Rocking Motherhood Challenge: Part 1

  I have been tagged. That’s right. Stephenie of the blog BlendedLifeHappyWife tagged me in this “Rocking Motherhood Challenge” which has been circulating among the Mama blogging community.  Basically each Mama tagged is supposed to make a list of ten reasons … Continue reading

All About Relationships: A PTSD Post Valentine's Day Special on

Relationships: A PTSD Post-Valentine’s Day Special

Note: This post contains sponsored links. For more information, please see the Sponsored Links and Posts Disclaimer on my Mission+Legal Page. Hey readers, here is a special post-Valentine’s Day treat. You get to learn all about relationships, and just how extra … Continue reading

What About The Children: A post about the inefficacy of the judicial system in regards to domestic violence

What About The Children?

I spent yesterday afternoon at a parenting seminar. Correction: I spent yesterday afternoon at a parenting plan seminar.  Because I am supposed to be preparing to design a co-parenting plan with the man who beat me, raped me, robbed me of the … Continue reading

Eighteen: A post about birthdays and


As I write this, the hours are counting down on February 7th.  Soon it will be February 8th. My birthday. My birthday.  This used to be the most exciting day of the year for me.  This used to be a … Continue reading

The Sick Week: A Tale of Effluvia

The Sick Week: A Tale of Effluvia

For impoverished mothers living with PTSD, most blessings are oddly shaped and paltry.  This week, my first blessing came in the guise of my in-laws being here for the first and worst day that I acquired the stomach virus which … Continue reading

My daughter's third birthday party was funded by my in-laws...Read all about it on

The Birthday Party

Let me just start by saying: Other moms terrify me.  Even the cool ones.  Even the ones I kinda want to be friends with.  Maybe those ones even more, because I actually sort of care what they think.  It’s as … Continue reading

Learn how a busy day affects even the physical health of those who live with PTSD

Betty Mama and the Super-Busy, Way-Too-Stressful, Socially Awkward, Very Exhausting Day

Must I say more?  The hair, the eyes, the circles beneath them: All signs of an elated woman!  This is me, drinking my second cup of coffee after shipping my girls off to daycare, looking forward to the next several … Continue reading

How one Mama overcame her Post Traumatic Stress symptoms to march against Trump with her daughter

Mommy Marching with PTSD

I have seen a lot of photos from the various Sister Marches since marching the Womxn’s March on Seattle this past Saturday.  You’ve probably seen my favorite, it’s the one showing a sign that says, “So bad, even introverts are … Continue reading