How to KIT After this Blog Comes Down

Heya, I’ve had a couple people ask me to keep this blog up as a resource. I am so grateful to everyone who helped this blog grow and who has shown me support throughout the years. I wish I could keep this going indefinitely, but I am just not up to the task and need to focus on my journalism and my book. But I will keep it up for the rest of June so if you want to screenshot any pages do it before July! Of course, I am still publishing journalism with TalkPoverty and other outlets.

I usually post my articles to Twitter so you can follow me there @elizabethbrico


This week I created an Instagram account for my fiction. I am also posting speaking events there, so if you want to stay up to date with my public speaking (these days, it’s mostly by Zoom, so you can come see them from wherever) and catch snippets of my fantasy novel and other fictional stuff. I just made it so totally need new followers and would love to have you onboard @elizabethoflore

Thank you again for all of your support and I hope to see you on Twitter and IG!

Betty’s Battleground is Closing Shop

Heya everyone. It’s been a while…and quite a year for all of us.

We have all been busy trying to survive this pandemic and economy and distance from our loved ones. In addition to that, I have been focusing on journalism and personal healing which includes working on a new novel I began writing at the end of last year. I am no longer able to give Betty’s Battleground my full attention. I want to say thank you to everyone who has read and followed the blog and helped it grow. I especially want to thank my friend who has hosted the site (hi), and all of the guest writers who contributed their time and energy creating posts for the blog. I am no longer in direct contact with all of you and have limited time, so I am going to leave the blog up for one more month in order to give you time to screenshot or copy any of your writings. Please email me or leave a comment if you’re a former guest writer and need help getting a copy of your work.

Thank you again. Stay safe, get vaxxed if you can (I got J&J), and keep taking care of each other. We will get through this if we work together.


Please Don’t Use Your PTSD As An Excuse Not to Wear a Mask

Hey. It’s been a while. Since the last time I posted, a global pandemic broke out. Never thought I’d be writing THAT! This pandemic has created a chain reaction of dumpsterfires across the country and globe–but let’s face it, mostly across the country, because we in the United States just really seem to not effin’ get it!

From addiction medicine being totally interrupted and janky, leading to heightened fatal overdoses, to parents and kids being kept from contacting each other, to teens being arrested for not doing homework, to blatant horrific exacerbation of racism on the part of like every kind of authority figure and even regular citizens, to widespread hunger and increased devastation among homeless communities, to sneaky destructive laws being passed under our noses, and so much more….it seems like 2020 is the actual end times.

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