Mommy Marching with PTSD

How one Mama overcame her Post Traumatic Stress symptoms to march against Trump with her daughter

I have seen a lot of photos from the various Sister Marches since marching the Womxn’s March on Seattle this past Saturday.  You’ve probably seen my favorite, it’s the one showing a sign that says, “So bad, even introverts are here.” I can relate to this one because there are few events on this planet that contain large crowds and also contain me.  At least since developing PTSD.  Before PTSD, I used to attend concerts constantly.  I was a regular presence at every local Summer festival, and even traveled to Oregon and California to attend O Fair and the Rainbow Gathering one happy year past.  I had no problem with large crowds.  I remember skipping through Folklife wearing a ragged, oversized striped sweater over a vintage wedding dress, scanning the crowd for friends even though this act may have led me to make eye contact with a stranger (horror of all horrors)!  This past Saturday, I scanned the crowd a bit, but only because I had developed PTSD Survival Skill: “Target Skipping.”

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