Fiction Fridays: Five Creative Writing Exercises That Helped Heal My Trauma

Five creative writing exercises that can help heal trauma, on

The week before last, I posted the Fiction Fridays finale. For those new to this blog, Fiction Fridays was a series in which I posted original short stories that I had written. I closed the series, but that doesn’t mean fiction is not still an integral part of my trauma recovery. Fiction has been a bright point in my life as long as I can remember. When I was a child it was the light by which I viewed the world; since acquiring PTSD it has become the guiding beacon which I use to stumble out from this dark purgatory. Without fiction, this blog would not exist.

People have asked me how I am able to dive back into some of my most painful memories in order to write them out in these posts. Readers have commented on my courage, my bravery; the self-discipline it must take to engage with my trauma in such an honest and public manner. The answer to anything related to trauma is never something that can be summed up in a simple one word response…but ‘fiction’ has definitely been a major catalyst in my recovery. If I had not first explored my trauma through creative fiction, I would not be able to write about it in non-fiction narratives. Had I not first placed the lens of fiction between these events and myself, I would not be able to view them so thoroughly through the direct lens of truth. Fiction has allotted me a safe setting to explore feelings, events, and characters which would have been too triggering to visit in other contexts. It has reduced my symptoms. It has saved my life. Today, I want to share this tool with you.

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Fiction Fridays: “Does That Work On Velociraptors?”

Fiction Fridays on

It’s Friday! Which means it’s Fiction Fridays #5


When I initially published this on Friday the 7th, I wrote a long meandering disclaimer about how extremely stressful my week had been, and why I was posting a story I wrote a year ago instead of a new one.

But then, as with last week as well, I was only getting feedback on my intro! Nice and supportive feedback, yes; I do not want to seem ungrateful, believe me, but I have to be honest and say it’s had the opposite effect. It has made me feel sad and discouraged.

My abuse was severe. It was out of my control. It took over my life. I *need* support for it. And the amount of encouragement I have received in response to starting this blog has been overwhelming and humbling. I really, really, really don’t want you to think I am ungrateful.

The best way I can explain it is this: Fiction writing was my first love, before any abuse, before any romance with anyone. Posting these stories on Fridays is my small way of taking charge of my life and of making at least one day, in one small way, about something OTHER than the choices that were made for me, and instead about the choices I make for myself.

Having the comments on Fridays focus on my struggles and abuse is discouraging. Please, if you comment on a #FictionFridays post, please,please,please comment on the story. Come back to it if you need to. If you really never have the time, then at least comment on the prompt, or share the post somewhere that it can be read by potential entrants, and let me know where! It would mean the world to get some feedback related to my creative writing once a week, even though the other feedback is also important, and I know it comes from a place of kindness. I hope this makes sense and doesn’t sound too bratty…I’ll write more about it next week. Back to the original post:

Here’s the quick week in review for Betty’s Battleground:

On Sunday, I posted The S/O Challenge in which I challenged myself to publish ten reasons why I love my husband, during a time I was feeling annoyed and distant from him. It’s a great challenge and a great way to get over those small annoyances that always float around when you’re married, so I invite you to read my post, grab the snazzy badge, and join in!

On Monday I was super honored to post the second installment of “Tales From the Other Side” which was a piece about Trauma Informed Care, a piece by Sheila O’Donnell who is the site author at Parallel Dichotomy.

On Wednesday I posted 10 Simple Tools To Help You Stay Sober During Triggering Times, which I urge you to continue sharing, because it could be really helpful someone who stumbles across it. I know it’s helpful to me right now!

And now it’s Friday.

Before I finally share my story and next week’s prompt (please enter!), because I really do love featuring other writers, I am just going to share a couple new blogs with you. When you’re done here at Betty’s Battleground, show these new bloggers some love! If you’re a blogger, you know how hard those first few weeks can be (and months, oi, I’m still struggling)!

Dascha Buchannon was the Fiction Fridays #3 winner and also launched her writing blog last Friday. Super new! Check out DKBwritings

My MH Recovery is a new mental health blog that is only two posts in, but I already feel a strong affinity with the site author who refers to herself only as “A”(though we have only had a brief personal exchange via comments). I think this is definitely a blog to keep your eye on if you like to read mental health related stuff.

Connie wrote the first installment of “Tales From the Other Side,” which is a truly heartbreaking letter to her sister who committed suicide. She has been blogging just about as long as I have, and is the site author over at Essentially Broken, where she blogs primarily about the various uses of essential oils, but also about other life topics with acute clarity and insight.

Give those three new blogs some love! Blogging is hard! Help them break in!

Now, here’s the story and prompt. Tell me what you think! And don’t forget to check for the prompt and contest instructions at the end of the post!

Does That Work On Velociraptors?

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