Why You Should Forgive Your Friends And Heroes Who Commit Suicide

Get insight into suicide from someone who's been there-on bettysbattleground.com

Suicide recently came into the public consciousness because of the death by hanging of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. Whenever I hear about someone dying from hanging, I think about this kindhearted, sweet as hell, alcoholic teenage gutter punk I knew who hanged himself. The last time I saw him, I was in a van going to the Oregon Country Fair. I saw him walking outside on the side of the road. We lived in Seattle so this wasn’t expected. I considered asking the driver to stop so I could say hi to my friend, but then I figured–and I remember this thought so clearly–“Oh well, it’s okay, I’ll see him again.” I didn’t.

We never know when we will lose the people we love. Whether by suicide or something else, our lives are these tenuous, crazy things that can be shattered without a moment’s notice. We need to better appreciate the people in our lives, but we also need to forgive those who leave us on purpose. I’ve written this post to help you understand why you should let go of the anger you feel at your loved one who committed suicide, even though that anger is totally justified.

On a side note, I’ve survived nine heroin overdoses, some of which were intentional–so I do know a little bit about what I’m writing in today’s post. Isn’t that fucked up? Life is a tenuous place but for some reason I’ve persisted. Maybe one day I will know why…anyway, I wrote about it for Vice, and it was published yesterday-check it out. I’ll write something more here on that in a week or so.

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Healing Words: The Story Behind The Voice


Learn how blogger and attorney Sheerin Siddique overcame three separate instances of sexual assault on bettysbattleground.comA guest writer series about the ways we heal-on bettysbattleground.comI’ve been getting a lot of traffic to my blog since my Vox article came out. I wish this beast were monetized! But hey, if you’re visiting from the Vox article, welcome to my ad-free blog! My husband thinks you’re here looking for pictures of me and my daughter. Considering the fact that I’m getting a ton of visits to my About Me page, I think he’s right. That’s a little sick, you guys. I gotta be honest. But I supposed we are all infected with that weird gossipy sickness in one way or another. Give the people what they want I guess? There’s pictures of the two of us around here, sure. Try the very first post, about taking her to the Womxn’s March against Trump, or this post about things that made me happy during this dark, crazy year.

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Moving on…today I have something special. Today’s guest blogger is an attorney, public speaker, and blogger who still managed to find time to write a piece for my blog about how she healed from multiple sexual assaults. She is also a Muslim woman, and in this piece she address how her culture has served as both oppressor and liberator throughout her journey. I am so proud and honored to share her story on Betty’s Battleground. She asked me to note that, rather than using stock images, she has given me permission to use her original photography and artwork! It remains her property, and may be redistributed only with her permission and a link back to her blog, http://www.echoesofhervoice.com. Any unauthorized use is a violation of copyright laws.

Read Shareen Siddique's story of healing from sexual trauma on bettysbattleground.comSheerin Siddique is a Michigan-licensed health care attorney in the greater metropolitan Detroit area, a blogger at echoesofhervoice.com, a writer, and a single mother of three beautiful children.  She enjoys advocacy work, painting, photography and reading novels, and hopes to publish a novel about her abuse one day.
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Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, Week 5: Depression + Suicide

Off-Fridays, THE Mental Illness Blog Share is BACK! Join Week 5 with your articles about depression and/or suicide-exclusively on bettysbattleground.com

Happy Friday! Really, it’s an awesome  Friday BECAUSE…it’s the first Friday of August! Which means…Off-Fridays, THE Mental Illness Blog Share is BACK. I’m so happy to bring my baby back. I missed my linky. I paused it for a month because I was placing too much of my own emotions and expectations on it. Too much of my creative drive was going into this blogger-built awareness project, and it was replacing social outreach. Which meant when people didn’t respond how I wanted and asked them to, I felt neglected and crappy.

So, I took the month off to battle depression and pursue happiness in other forms. And it paid off! I am soon to start as a contributing writer at Healthy Place’s PTSD blog, and I had a couple pitches picked up by Vox.com and Tonic by Vice-the Tonic article, about my fear of happiness, was published this morning so check it out! I am marching forward with the freelancing, but I am also glad to bring Off-Fridays back, and I hope that you will join me in building some incredible mental health themed link-libraries.

This week’s theme is depression and suicide.

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