Healing Words: The Story Behind The Voice


Learn how blogger and attorney Sheerin Siddique overcame three separate instances of sexual assault on bettysbattleground.comA guest writer series about the ways we heal-on bettysbattleground.comI’ve been getting a lot of traffic to my blog since my Vox article came out. I wish this beast were monetized! But hey, if you’re visiting from the Vox article, welcome to my ad-free blog! My husband thinks you’re here looking for pictures of me and my daughter. Considering the fact that I’m getting a ton of visits to my About Me page, I think he’s right. That’s a little sick, you guys. I gotta be honest. But I supposed we are all infected with that weird gossipy sickness in one way or another. Give the people what they want I guess? There’s pictures of the two of us around here, sure. Try the very first post, about taking her to the Womxn’s March against Trump, or this post about things that made me happy during this dark, crazy year.

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Moving on…today I have something special. Today’s guest blogger is an attorney, public speaker, and blogger who still managed to find time to write a piece for my blog about how she healed from multiple sexual assaults. She is also a Muslim woman, and in this piece she address how her culture has served as both oppressor and liberator throughout her journey. I am so proud and honored to share her story on Betty’s Battleground. She asked me to note that, rather than using stock images, she has given me permission to use her original photography and artwork! It remains her property, and may be redistributed only with her permission and a link back to her blog, http://www.echoesofhervoice.com. Any unauthorized use is a violation of copyright laws.

Read Shareen Siddique's story of healing from sexual trauma on bettysbattleground.comSheerin Siddique is a Michigan-licensed health care attorney in the greater metropolitan Detroit area, a blogger at echoesofhervoice.com, a writer, and a single mother of three beautiful children.  She enjoys advocacy work, painting, photography and reading novels, and hopes to publish a novel about her abuse one day.
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Fiction Fridays: Five Creative Writing Exercises That Helped Heal My Trauma

Five creative writing exercises that can help heal trauma, on bettysbattleground.com

The week before last, I posted the Fiction Fridays finale. For those new to this blog, Fiction Fridays was a series in which I posted original short stories that I had written. I closed the series, but that doesn’t mean fiction is not still an integral part of my trauma recovery. Fiction has been a bright point in my life as long as I can remember. When I was a child it was the light by which I viewed the world; since acquiring PTSD it has become the guiding beacon which I use to stumble out from this dark purgatory. Without fiction, this blog would not exist.

People have asked me how I am able to dive back into some of my most painful memories in order to write them out in these posts. Readers have commented on my courage, my bravery; the self-discipline it must take to engage with my trauma in such an honest and public manner. The answer to anything related to trauma is never something that can be summed up in a simple one word response…but ‘fiction’ has definitely been a major catalyst in my recovery. If I had not first explored my trauma through creative fiction, I would not be able to write about it in non-fiction narratives. Had I not first placed the lens of fiction between these events and myself, I would not be able to view them so thoroughly through the direct lens of truth. Fiction has allotted me a safe setting to explore feelings, events, and characters which would have been too triggering to visit in other contexts. It has reduced my symptoms. It has saved my life. Today, I want to share this tool with you.

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Fiction Fridays 9: A Gathering of Geniuses

Fiction Fridays on www.bettysbattleground.com

It’s Fiction Fridays numero 9!

And it’s also the last weekly Fiction Friday.

What did you feel when you read that? Sadness, relief, or apathy?

If you felt relief I can’t help you, but if you felt sadness, it’s the last weekly Fiction Fridays post. It’s not the end of Fiction Fridays.

Weekly posts are too much. For the past three weeks I have received zero entries to the contest, and I have posted old fiction that I just edited a little. I’m hoping that extending the entry deadline will get more entrants, and giving myself more time to write new stories will get me actually writing new stories, which was the point in the first place. Fiction is supposed to be a release for me, not a burden, and Fiction Fridays was supposed to be motivation, but it’s become more of a nuisance. So I’m going to try doing it every other week and see if that helps. I’ll come up with some other cool stuff for the off-Fiction Fridays, don’tjaworry.

Anyway, as I said, no entries=no blogger to feature again this week. Sad. Instead I’ll invite you to check out the update and final call on Maria’s fundraiser, which is closing on Monday. So this weekend, scratch that: right now is THE time to donate just $10 and help her access therapy for Postpartum Depression.

Please donate just $10 to help Maria access care for Postparum Depression-bettysbattleground.com

Look at that baby! Look at that FAMILY! Why *wouldn’t* you want to help them??

Here’s the week in review for Betty’s Battleground: 

On Monday I had the extreme honor of hosting a guest post by a professional child therapist, and member of Mindfulness Therapy Group, in the “Tales From the Other Side” series about how to help a child who has experienced trauma: “When It Happens To Your Child

On Wednesday I revealed that I had been nominated, by Maria, for the Blogger Recognition Award, and posted my blog story and nominees: “Blogger Recognition Award-2017

This week I also created a Mission Statement and Legal page, if any of you are interested in reading it, and spoofed up the Guest Post Info page.

I still want to rip my ear off my head, despite having run through the full course of antibiotics my doctor prescribed. If any of you reading this have a magical recipe for relieving ear pressure after an ear infection, can you please drop a link in the comments??

Otherwise, as I always ask on Fiction Fridays, if you comment on this post, please make sure to say something about the fiction! Or the prompt! Or share it with people who may enter the contest and tell me about that!

This story, like I mentioned earlier, is not super new. Oddly enough, and I absolutely swear this, I wrote it in December of 2015. So, like, maybe I should join the delegation.

Finally, it’s incomplete. Let me know in the comments if you want to read more, see an ending, all that jazz! Thank you; let’s get to it!

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