A Post About Dissident Happiness II

When life is hard, think of the good--bettysbattleground.com

Dear person who read my 2017 post about dissident happiness today,

thank you. Every once in a while I check my blog stats and see what posts people are reading (by the way–where is my guest post about growing up with a bipolar mother, and my post about forgiving people who commit suicide re-blogged? They’re getting way too much traffic to not have links posted elsewhere). I saw that someone had read the blog post I made last year to celebrate the good things about the time while my court case with my abuser was going on. I’d forgotten about that post, and about my ability to be happy and positive during really dark times. Seeing that link and re-reading that post was really helpful, especially since I’m going through some fiercely dark times right now. So I’ve decided to do a round two, 2018 edition.

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Mommy Marching with PTSD

How one Mama overcame her Post Traumatic Stress symptoms to march against Trump with her daughter

I have seen a lot of photos from the various Sister Marches since marching the Womxn’s March on Seattle this past Saturday.  You’ve probably seen my favorite, it’s the one showing a sign that says, “So bad, even introverts are here.” I can relate to this one because there are few events on this planet that contain large crowds and also contain me.  At least since developing PTSD.  Before PTSD, I used to attend concerts constantly.  I was a regular presence at every local Summer festival, and even traveled to Oregon and California to attend O Fair and the Rainbow Gathering one happy year past.  I had no problem with large crowds.  I remember skipping through Folklife wearing a ragged, oversized striped sweater over a vintage wedding dress, scanning the crowd for friends even though this act may have led me to make eye contact with a stranger (horror of all horrors)!  This past Saturday, I scanned the crowd a bit, but only because I had developed PTSD Survival Skill: “Target Skipping.”

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