12 Science Fiction Books To Add To Your Mental Health Reading List

Science Fiction Books To Add To Your Mental Health Reading List on bettysbattleground.com

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “science fiction?” Robots? Time travel? Aliens? What about ‘realism?’ Not so much?

Most people don’t think that science fiction has much to say about reality. Science fiction is supposed to be about adventure and entertainment. It’s supposed to imagine futures that are far more advanced than our own, and to stretch modern science into something fantastic. Science fiction isn’t supposed to tell us anything about the actual state of things, right?

Well, this week, instead of picking just one book to feature, I have created a summer reading list comprised of twelve science fiction books that each depict the reality of one or more mental health conditions, sometimes even better than textbooks or realism. Whether it’s providing a nuanced depiction of addiction, exploring the complexities of violence, or exposing uncomfortable truths about pleasure and consumption; in these twelve examples, Sci-Fi is the best vessel for teaching us something about real life. It’s the time of the year when people are creating summer reading lists. If you want to keep things fun and exciting, while continuing to explore and better understand mental health issues, try these twelve science fiction books.

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Fiction Fridays: “Does That Work On Velociraptors?”

Fiction Fridays on www.bettysbattleground.com

It’s Friday! Which means it’s Fiction Fridays #5


When I initially published this on Friday the 7th, I wrote a long meandering disclaimer about how extremely stressful my week had been, and why I was posting a story I wrote a year ago instead of a new one.

But then, as with last week as well, I was only getting feedback on my intro! Nice and supportive feedback, yes; I do not want to seem ungrateful, believe me, but I have to be honest and say it’s had the opposite effect. It has made me feel sad and discouraged.

My abuse was severe. It was out of my control. It took over my life. I *need* support for it. And the amount of encouragement I have received in response to starting this blog has been overwhelming and humbling. I really, really, really don’t want you to think I am ungrateful.

The best way I can explain it is this: Fiction writing was my first love, before any abuse, before any romance with anyone. Posting these stories on Fridays is my small way of taking charge of my life and of making at least one day, in one small way, about something OTHER than the choices that were made for me, and instead about the choices I make for myself.

Having the comments on Fridays focus on my struggles and abuse is discouraging. Please, if you comment on a #FictionFridays post, please,please,please comment on the story. Come back to it if you need to. If you really never have the time, then at least comment on the prompt, or share the post somewhere that it can be read by potential entrants, and let me know where! It would mean the world to get some feedback related to my creative writing once a week, even though the other feedback is also important, and I know it comes from a place of kindness. I hope this makes sense and doesn’t sound too bratty…I’ll write more about it next week. Back to the original post:

Here’s the quick week in review for Betty’s Battleground:

On Sunday, I posted The S/O Challenge in which I challenged myself to publish ten reasons why I love my husband, during a time I was feeling annoyed and distant from him. It’s a great challenge and a great way to get over those small annoyances that always float around when you’re married, so I invite you to read my post, grab the snazzy badge, and join in!

On Monday I was super honored to post the second installment of “Tales From the Other Side” which was a piece about Trauma Informed Care, a piece by Sheila O’Donnell who is the site author at Parallel Dichotomy.

On Wednesday I posted 10 Simple Tools To Help You Stay Sober During Triggering Times, which I urge you to continue sharing, because it could be really helpful someone who stumbles across it. I know it’s helpful to me right now!

And now it’s Friday.

Before I finally share my story and next week’s prompt (please enter!), because I really do love featuring other writers, I am just going to share a couple new blogs with you. When you’re done here at Betty’s Battleground, show these new bloggers some love! If you’re a blogger, you know how hard those first few weeks can be (and months, oi, I’m still struggling)!

Dascha Buchannon was the Fiction Fridays #3 winner and also launched her writing blog last Friday. Super new! Check out DKBwritings

My MH Recovery is a new mental health blog that is only two posts in, but I already feel a strong affinity with the site author who refers to herself only as “A”(though we have only had a brief personal exchange via comments). I think this is definitely a blog to keep your eye on if you like to read mental health related stuff.

Connie wrote the first installment of “Tales From the Other Side,” which is a truly heartbreaking letter to her sister who committed suicide. She has been blogging just about as long as I have, and is the site author over at Essentially Broken, where she blogs primarily about the various uses of essential oils, but also about other life topics with acute clarity and insight.

Give those three new blogs some love! Blogging is hard! Help them break in!

Now, here’s the story and prompt. Tell me what you think! And don’t forget to check for the prompt and contest instructions at the end of the post!

Does That Work On Velociraptors?

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Fiction Fridays: A Small But Necessary Adjustment

Fiction Fridays on www.bettysbattleground.com

Hi Lovelies!  It’s Friday!

It’s been a big week, both for me personally, and for the mental health community as a whole. You may heave heard that Amy Bleuel, founder of Project Semicolon, ended her life this week. That is pretty big news for a lot of people who saw Amy and her project as an icon of hope and healing. My new blogger friend Sheila, wrote a touching and enlightening piece about the event that I consider a must-read.

In my personal life this week I lost a friend who I had known since high school; a comrade in PTSD recovering who I thought would always be in my life. But for the fourth time this short year she did something which made me feel like an afterthought. In this case, she completely mismanaged a project of mine which she had volunteered to make huge (I had asked her help for something much smaller) and ultimately canceled the whole thing one and a half days before production, effectively destroying a creative project of mine for the second time this year. I realized that this person, who is a competent creative when she cares about the project, regularly schedules me in her life between other, more important meet-ups, and has displayed a pattern of being totally unprepared for projects of mine which she agreed or even volunteered to help with. So I told her that I could not have her in my life anymore. My life is hard as it is. My self esteem is a dark pit without my own friends showing me that I’m not important.

The day after my ruined project, a day which passed heavy with angry regret, I had to meet with a Family Court Services interviewer who grilled me about the dates and intimate details of the worst instances of my abuse. By the end of the interview, I was freezing cold and shaking. My PTSD was triggered so badly by all of this that I am still feeling the effects; I woke up crying from nightmares last night, which had not happened to me in years. I will write more about my hell week soon (make sure to subscribe if you just can’t miss all the terrible details); all this is to say that it has been a rough week.

So this week’s Fiction Fridays I slid a little and I hope you’ll understand. This piece is borrowed from the world of what was supposed to be a longer novella, though I never completed writing it.

I am also excited to announced the Fiction Fridays #3 winner!

In case you missed it, the prompt was to choose a favorite book, and then tackle a problem or issue from your life in the style of the book in 300-1,000 words.

Here’s the winning story:

Dasha Buchanon is the Fiction Fridays #3 Prompt Contest winner on www.bettysbattleground.com



Dasha Buchanan has been writing since she could read and hopes to become a published author someday. Check out her blog: DKB Writings



Book: Winnie The Pooh

Unresolved Issue: Growing up

My old desk which once held paint splatters and pretend tea cup saucers now is covered in the college pamphlets and brochures sent to me by the most kind college admissions hoping to scrounge my every last penny. It didn’t hit me till this year that my whole life was about to tilt a little more forwards and a little more topsy-turvy than I am used to. Senior year was supposed to be the grand party with the hot boyfriend and good GPA but instead is barely even a hangover with a nasty headache, and what GPA? It’s like I’m stumbling through every step of this life-changing journey when I should be leaping for joy. It’s not as black and white as we are taught from a young age. You don’t just graduate and move out. There is so much more and it involves mostly numbers. The amount of money you have will get lower and the amount of credits you need will continue to increases like the freaking fountain of youth and you will think about quitting at least once a week. No it didn’t hit me how effed up this year was till I was cleaning my out my closet. Under an old pillow there, laying in the dust, was my dear stuffed elephant Eeyore. I remember the day I got that toy I was so excited. I saved every dollar and waited till mom would drive me to the Disney store 20 miles away from home. (I’m still sour that they closed it) Eeyore was my bear hug when my best friend wasn’t with me, he was my tear sponge when I found out my parents were divorcing, he was my sense of home when we had to move, he was my grandpa’s memory when he passed because Eeyore was sad yet his friends accepted him. I feel a lot like Eeyore. Even today at 18 years of age I can relate to a cartoon. A stuffed animal. A piece of fabric and stuffing. After all the crap life has in it something so untouched by the cruelty of our world can simply exist. Now as I’m holding him I think to myself either I have some weird complex like Linus and his blanket or I am just not ready to keep going. I don’t want to leave Eeyore in the closet again for another ten years and then pass him along to my child or find him and remember all the sh*t that happened since the last time I found him. No. Today I want to pause. I want to just hug Eeyore and say that everything will be alright. I want to have a tea party in the hundred acre wood and finger paint my worries away. I want to be content with the simple things in life and I don’t want to leave him behind. Who knows maybe you’ll find me and Eeyore taking on the world one hug at a time.


There you have it! The winning entry! Thank you so much Dasha for sharing your wonderful story with us.

Keep reading to see what this week’s prompt is and how YOU can be featured right here on my front page…

Fiction Fridays #4 www.bettysbattleground.com
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