Friday Happy Post! LiebShine BLAARGH Award!

Find out what the hell a Blaargh award AKA the Sunshine+Liebster Award, is-on

Hey, you, pssst…over here! Wanna know what that title’s about?

I dunno if any of you blog reading people have noticed, but there are two Blogger “Awards” going around that are exactly the same, but have two different names. The “Sunshine Award” and the “Liebster Award.” Now I don’t know what happened. Did Ms. Sunshine and Mr.Liebster have a nasty divorce and refuse to co-parent their award? Is this psychic evidence of a rift in the space-time continuum? Did some narcissistic blogger decide to rip off another blogger’s award and claim it as their own? All I know is that I have seen more “Sunshine Awards” than “Liebster Awards,” but I’ve still seen a fair share of both.

In any case, I was nominated for both. This Friday would have been a new Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, but I’m putting it on hold for July in order to kinda build up my self-esteem instead. Or something. So I’m doing Friday Happy Posts on the days when I would have been hosting the linkup. Come back in August for the linkup! Really, please, do join up when it begins’s really a cool project..

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Blogger Recognition Award-2017 has been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award 2017!

Once again Maria, the mama with PPD who I interviewed last month, has proven herself to be a rare and amazing new friend.

I woke up from a nap on Friday evening, loaded on antibiotics and cough medicine, and did what I always do after waking: compulsively looked for blog comment notifications in my e-mail. And what did I find but a comment on my post “Why Did You Leave?” from Maria nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award!! It could not have come at a better time…I also recently attended the King County/4 Culture Poetry on Buses Launch Party as a celebrated poet! If you ride public transit in King County, keep an eye out for my poem “Words for Robin,” or just read it on that website I linked up thurr on February 23, 2018. That’s a while from now, but TODAY,  I’ve got the Blogger Recognition Award to share with you! It’s been just a little over three months since I started blogging and already I am being nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. Wow. What a wonderful way to wake up.

Now, the Blogger Recognition Award is not, you know, something which involves a trophy and a big ceremony (although wouldn’t that be great; if we could all meet together in person and give each other ceremonious hugs and laptop shaped trophies to lug through airport security, haha) but it is a way for one blogger to say to another blogger: “I read what you write, I see how hard you work, and I appreciate you.” There is no gaudy trophy in this world that can replace the feeling of being appreciated. So, thank you, Maria, for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award and showing me that my words, and I, matter.

Let’s see what this is all about.

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