Eight Everyday Experiences I Am SICK Of Having As A Female

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This female had a garbage weekend.

If you have been following my blog at all, you know I’ve actually had a pretty terrible month.

I don’t want to go into ALL of it, but for those of you who have been following: My daughter was in the hospital for pneumonia. I had to take her there right after seeing The Ex in court to have my protection order renewed. The renewal was granted, but I still had to see and hear the idiot. Just because every time I see him in court he says or submits something which ultimately helps my case, does not mean the encounters aren’t triggering. And, after this annoying and triggering court encounter, I took my daughter to the doctor and she ended up being admitted to the hospital for three days with pneumonia. She is out and better now; every one is better now, except for coughs that bring up thick gobs of yellow phlegm, but I am exhausted. And I have a lot of annoyance built up in me.

I had a sorta humorous post planned for today, and although once upon a time humorous did mean phlegmatic, I just don’t have it in me. Sorry…next week…

What I do have in me are complaints. But I’m going to try to at least make my complaints useful.

Here is a list of everyday experiences I am just plain SICK of dealing with as a female; things you all just need to stop doing RIGHT NOW.

Before some guy out there in the vast wide web decides he needs to say, “Hey guys deal with stuff too…” yeah that’s true. But I’m not a guy, so you write that list. I am a female. This is my list.

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The S/O Challenge: Ten Things I LOVE About You

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I don’t usually post on Sundays.

But I’m making a special exception today.

My husband has been feeling down lately. Overworked, exhausted, and missing his family because he works evenings now and doesn’t get to see us much.

I have been feeling down too. Upset by the loss of a friend who callously mismanaged (yet another) creative project of mine. Triggered by a detailed interview with Family Court Services….if you don’t have PTSD you don’t understand how bad that is…but…it’s bad.

And as anyone who is married knows, when both partners are suffering emotionally, the relationships suffers too.

We have been bouncing between bickering, giving each other the silent treatment, and kissing half-heartedly just try try to keep things going. On top of everything, my mother in law is visiting. She’s been helping us…a LOT…with cleaning our apartment. I’m super grateful, BUT it does mean we haven’t had much time alone to talk or rekindle our relationship or anything.

But we’re married. We live together. We have kids together. We really can’t afford to be super dysfunctional. So I have decided to challenge myself, and I invite you to join along with me. It’s simple, here’s how you do it: Save this page. Pin it, bookmark it; whatever your favorite method of saving pages is, do it. Now go about your life. Next time you and your S/O get in a fight, or even the next time you just get annoyed with him (or her, or them), open up this page! Re-read my ten for inspiration, then grab my badge and create your own post. Seriously. You’re in this for the long haul, right? What better to help get over an annoyance with your significant other than to remind yourself ten whole reasons WHY you started on this crazy journey with them in the first place. *deep breath* Here goes.

Ten Things I Love About My Husband…

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