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Clean your way to being Less Stressed – 7 Day House Cleaning + Makeover Challenge by Sincerely Jacqueline co-hosts the 7-day cleaning challenge by

Whaaaaat is it an alternate dimension? It’s a post on Sunday…Betty’s Battleground never posts on Sunday! Well, except that one time.

While in many ways I sincerely wish we were in an alternate dimension, we are not (or maybe we are). But anyway, yes, it’s Sunday, and yes there’s a post on Betty’s Battleground.

I got the impression, a couple weeks ago, that you guys didn’t find my Spring Cleaning for the Mentally Ill post helpful?? Like you guys aren’t going to emulate it in your own lives immediately for some reason?

And, sadly, my house, is kind of a really big mess again. Except I don’t think I can even follow my previous method again. I guess maybe it wasn’t that helpful. Sigh. It was so meant to be helpful.

Well anyway, in that post I made a lil fun of all those Spring Cleaning bloggers with their ridiculous challenges to get your house cleaned super fast. But then this really nice lady named Jacqueline contacted me on Twitter and wanted to exchange challenges. And at first I was like “no way!” because I totally don’t post content that has been previously published here, but then I read it. And it not only totally made sense for my blog…like I could totally relate to her sentiments, but it also seems legitimately feasible. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to get an industrial carpet cleaner in here, but every other part of this actually seems doable. Laundry day is actually going to be easier for me, because I live in an apartment building and don’t have my own washer and dryer. Though, what she said kind of grossed me out. I probably won’t clean the building’s machines…but I at least considered it for a moment. Also, there are some products that she recommends at the end that I will not be going out and buying because I am broker than a joke. Check back on the 17th for a post about how having a mental illness affects your economic status, despite education, intelligence, and experience. (Yes, I did also create a blog calendar! Look who’s getting organized!) If you can afford to use what she recommends, go for it. She sounds like she knows her stuff. If you can’t, be like me and adjust the still super useful tips to fit whatever you have available.

So anyway I’m going to give it a try, and I invite you to do it with me! Check up on my Instagram this coming week to see how its going! I’ll be sure to include any adjustments I make re: products for the insanely broke (YES THAT PUN WAS INTENDED).

Spring Clean the anxiety out of your life with Betty’s Battleground and Sincerely Jacqueline! Oh yeah, and if you want to read the awesome blog this came from so that you can get more helpful home-care advice that you are just not gonna get from me, visit SincerelyJacqueline.comĀ 

P.S. I made a special one-time exception here; I’m still not going to publish your previously published article; please don’t ask.

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