All Roads Lead To The Nurse’s Station (or) What I Learned In The Psych Ward

What I Learned In The Psych

For the most part, the media gets PTSD dangerously wrong.

PTSD does not, generally, make a person violent. A kind, non-violent person will not acquire PTSD and then also the sudden unshakable desire to shoot up a grocery store. Sure, as within any population, you get your violent psychopaths. But psychopathy is a disorder that is distinct from PTSD and not something that comes hand-in-hand.

One thing the media got right though, is that we do have a tendency to get ourselves strapped to hospital beds and put on psychiatric holds.

I have technically only been admitted to the ‘psych ward’ once; last year, after I tried to kill myself I spent about five days in a psych unit. But I have spent numerous evenings with one hand and the opposite foot strapped down to a gurney, waiting for hours until a psychiatric professional condoned my release.

Here are a few things I learned from my experiences on psych hold:
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