Book Of The Weeks 3/13/17-3/26/17: ‘Fig’ by Sarah Schantz

"Fig" book review and author interview on

This is the first installment of, yes, that’s right, another new segment: Book Of The Weeks. And yes, that ‘s’ is intentional. Book Of The Weeks is a biweekly book review by yours truly.

But but but how does this relate to Betty’s Battleground? What do books have to do with PTSD?

A lot, actually. I have always been an avid reader, but books have taken on a new importance to me in the past few years. I have written about mindfulness, and about how I do certain activities to help enter into reality. Well, reality is hard. For everyone I’m sure, but even moreso when you have PTSD. Sometimes I do things to intentionally escape reality. When I become too stressed, or too anxious, or too overwhelmed with feelings, or overburdened by memories, finding a healthy way to escape reality is really important.

Keyword: Healthy. I used to escape through copious drugs and alcohol. It worked very well! But had some nasty side effects, like ruining my life.  This realization brought me to healthy escapism, and reading works of fiction is one of my favorite forms of that.

Not every “book of the weeks” will necessarily be fiction. I may include some especially excellent PTSD/addiction/parenting texts as I come across them. But fiction is really important to me and my sanity, and the first book of the weeks is an exquisite work of fiction. And it also just so happens to explore the subject of mental illness.

Look after my review for a special BONUS surprise this week!
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