Fiction Fridays FINALE

You read that title right. It’s the last Fiction Fridays. The Grande Finale…

I would have loved to keep it going, but people haven’t been responding to the prompts. People have, however, been responding to my guest post calls. Bumping Fiction Fridays means I can open up more space to publish guest posts! Which is great because I hate e-mailing people who have just sent me a post telling them I can’t fit them in until September.

So, as sad as I am to let go of Fiction Fridays, now I get to e-mail all my guest posters with publication dates in the reasonable future! Hooray!

Truth is, I also am not being reliable with the fiction writing. I forgot writing all these blog posts is, well, writing, and while it may not be fiction, it’s still time and mind consuming.

If I have any fiction fans out there: never fear! Fiction is my first love, and I am going to continue posting it regularly..but I’m going to make Betty’s Battleground more focused on the PTSD/mental illness themes, and I am instead going to become more regular about posting my fiction on my Niume author page. So subscribe and follow me there, if you’re a fan! Or follow me on Twitter, where I’ll post links and updates as I publish stories. OR, subscribe here, and I’ll include some links to my favorite stories each month in my monthly newsletter.

Finales always have to be big blow-out spectaculars right? Well this is a creative writing finale, so no fireworks, but I’ll do my subdued writerly version. The story I am posting is long. It’s also one of my best, so if you like my writing, it’s worth reading through. It’s also directly related to the themes of this blog, as it contrasts the healing experience of two rape victims; one who is affluent, and one who is not. One last thing; While the Fiction Fridays archive will remain a live link on the bettysbattleground domain, it is no longer going to be available on the Main menu after next Friday. So if you like these stories, be sure to bookmark the archive page, or Pin it.

Here you go friends…the Fiction Fridays Spectacular Finale!!

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