Spring Cleaning for the Mentally Ill

Spring Cleaning for the Mentally Ill on bettysbattleground.com

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when the sun comes out, and everyone starts writing blog posts about their shiny new homes and their fabulous SPRING CLEANING technique that allowed them to get it done in twenty minutes with one hand tied behind their backs!!

Okay, well, maybe that’s an exaggeration…slightly…but for those of us with mental illness, self-fulfillment through laundry can seem like a lifetime away.

Having a disgusting habitat is one of the lesser discussed, but more common, side-effects of mental illness, especially parenting with mental illness.  Cleaning in general, much less the manic phenomenon of Spring Cleaning, can feel like a monumentally impossible effort (unless you’re actually manic; then your home may be clean…for a day or two). When you have to constantly battle feelings of depression and anxiety on top of caring for the life of a helpless human creature (not helpless to make messes though…) cleaning gets de-prioritized.

But there comes a time when the bright lights of Spring do filter through your dusty blinds and reveal the couple hundred cousins your roachy roommate snuck into your decrepit home. And when that time comes, you may realize that the promise you made-that your mess would always be a mess and not a health-hazard may be broken. Which means it’s time to fight through whatever and get cleaning. If you’re in the boat I found myself in a couple weeks ago, here’s a step by step guide to get from this:

Spring Cleaning for the Mentally Ill bettysbattleground.com

The results of motherhood x3+ Depression














…to this:

Spring Cleaning for the Mentally Ill













read on, my friends, read on…You too can have a BRAND NEW (looking) HOME in JUST MINUTES (whoops, autocorrect! Make that weeks…)
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