Fiction Fridays 9: A Gathering of Geniuses

Fiction Fridays on

It’s Fiction Fridays numero 9!

And it’s also the last weekly Fiction Friday.

What did you feel when you read that? Sadness, relief, or apathy?

If you felt relief I can’t help you, but if you felt sadness, it’s the last weekly Fiction Fridays post. It’s not the end of Fiction Fridays.

Weekly posts are too much. For the past three weeks I have received zero entries to the contest, and I have posted old fiction that I just edited a little. I’m hoping that extending the entry deadline will get more entrants, and giving myself more time to write new stories will get me actually writing new stories, which was the point in the first place. Fiction is supposed to be a release for me, not a burden, and Fiction Fridays was supposed to be motivation, but it’s become more of a nuisance. So I’m going to try doing it every other week and see if that helps. I’ll come up with some other cool stuff for the off-Fiction Fridays, don’tjaworry.

Anyway, as I said, no entries=no blogger to feature again this week. Sad. Instead I’ll invite you to check out the update and final call on Maria’s fundraiser, which is closing on Monday. So this weekend, scratch that: right now is THE time to donate just $10 and help her access therapy for Postpartum Depression.

Please donate just $10 to help Maria access care for Postparum

Look at that baby! Look at that FAMILY! Why *wouldn’t* you want to help them??

Here’s the week in review for Betty’s Battleground: 

On Monday I had the extreme honor of hosting a guest post by a professional child therapist, and member of Mindfulness Therapy Group, in the “Tales From the Other Side” series about how to help a child who has experienced trauma: “When It Happens To Your Child

On Wednesday I revealed that I had been nominated, by Maria, for the Blogger Recognition Award, and posted my blog story and nominees: “Blogger Recognition Award-2017

This week I also created a Mission Statement and Legal page, if any of you are interested in reading it, and spoofed up the Guest Post Info page.

I still want to rip my ear off my head, despite having run through the full course of antibiotics my doctor prescribed. If any of you reading this have a magical recipe for relieving ear pressure after an ear infection, can you please drop a link in the comments??

Otherwise, as I always ask on Fiction Fridays, if you comment on this post, please make sure to say something about the fiction! Or the prompt! Or share it with people who may enter the contest and tell me about that!

This story, like I mentioned earlier, is not super new. Oddly enough, and I absolutely swear this, I wrote it in December of 2015. So, like, maybe I should join the delegation.

Finally, it’s incomplete. Let me know in the comments if you want to read more, see an ending, all that jazz! Thank you; let’s get to it!

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Fiction Fridays 8: “Balloon Wisdom”

Fiction Fridays on

It’s Friday! I’ve got something special for you.

It’s been another sickly week for me. That’s another side effect of PTSD, by the way. Well parenting two toddlers who go to daycare also, but I have a pretty healthy diet and immune system and all that; my body should be more capable of healing itself BUT because of my actively triggered PTSD, it is under such constant stress that I am getting really, really sick. Doesn’t help that my PTSD nightmares have returned with a vengeance due to all this court BS. Sleep is imperative to healing.

See? PTSD has very real side-effects.

Anyway, I finally went into the doctor and got antibiotics so I’ll be doing better. As you’re reading this though, I am probably sitting in a Family Court Services interview growing cold while I talk about my abuse with a stranger.

So here’s your surprise: I am posting an unfinished story that I have written, which I really, really love. It doesn’t have it’s ending yet, so that aspect may be a little frustrating, but I’ll give it to you packaged in a way that seems at least somewhat conclusive.

I have been saving this story to finish, edit, and send to be published elsewhere, but now, today, I am giving it least this much…free! All because I was too sick to write fiction this week. Really…I wrote a ton of blog posts; The Shade’s Children book review and the post about leaving my abuser that I posted here this week, plus a guest post for another blog that’s slated to go up next week, and another post as a test for a paid position. So, see, I can function while sick and triggered! But fiction is really hard for me.

Sadly, I did not get any responses to the Fiction Fridays 7 prompt. YOU GUYS NEED TO START SUBMITTING! I WANT to feature YOU! I want to help you get new viewers and grow your audience! But you have to submit your writing so I can showcase it. I’ve got a great prompt this week. Hopefully it will get your creativity flowing so I can share your work with the world!

It’s a Friday post so please, as always, comment on the fiction content, and not just the stuff I wrote in the intro. If you want to give me your well wishes about my sickness or interview that is very sweet and kind of you, but can you please also say a few words about my story? Even if it’s critical feedback..I love constructive-critical feedback as much as compliments because it helps me grow my writing. 

Anyway, that being said, the eighth original story on Betty’s Battleground. “Balloon Wisdom…”

Fiction Fridays 8: "Balloon Wisdom" on

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Fiction Fridays: “Just Another Morning”

Fiction Fridays on

Hello! Welcome to Friday.

It’s Fiction Fridays #7!

Now that my family has gotten over The Plague, I have it. I almost didn’t put anything up today at all..but I created Fiction Fridays for a reason! And that reason was to make me WRITE FICTION at least once a week. So it’s short this week, and written through the haze of headache and bodyache and all sorts of aches, but it’s here.

I love all the well wishers of the world! You’re so kind. But: If you’re leaving a comment on the post, please please please say something about the fiction, and not just “I hope you get better soon, etc.” Fiction Fridays is my way of taking back my life, if even for just a day. It’s about something I love and loved before I was ever abused. It’s not something that has happened TO me (like abuse, or sickness, etc) but something I am actively DOING. While I appreciate your support (I really do) for Fridays, please comment on the fiction. If you have nothing to say about the story but feel compelled to comment, then please share this somewhere that it can be seen by potential contest entrants, and let me know where that was!

I don’t have a new writer to share with you this week because nobody entered the Fiction Fridays 6 writing prompt. That makes me sad. And suspicious. All you people leaving comments about the prompt inspiring you…hmmmm…

I hope you like this week’s prompt better. I LOVE showcasing other writers and bloggers! Since I don’t have any other writing to share this week, I will take this space to share a little more about Maria. Maria is a mama living with Postpartum Depression. She was kind and brave enough to be my first Parenting with Mental Illness interviewee. You can read her story right here. If you haven’t yet, I suggest you do. It’s pretty eye-opening.

I also opened a fundraiser for Maria, to help her continue to get access to care for her PPD. She has had it for about two years, but has only been able to get care for one month. Already, the expense has been hefty. As anyone who is raising kids on a singe-income (and she has three) knows, any added expense can be a tremendous stress. Extra stress is the last thing Maria needs right now. Her husband will be away for work soon, which leaves Maria alone with PPD and three kids. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could her get some funds for therapy or maybe a babysitter? She does not have any family or anyone around to help her while her husband is away. Although Maria did not ask me to open this fundraiser, I know that she could really use the help.

Guess what? I did some maths…and realized something pretty amazing! If everyone who visited Betty’s Battleground in one day donated just $10, we would exceed the fundraiser goal in less than a day. Wow! I know that there are times when even $10 is hard to come by. I parent with a mental illness too and as a result have no income and don’t even have a bank card with which to make a donation. If you’re in that boat with Maria and I, then would you help by sharing her fundraiser? If you’re not; if giving away $10 won’t overdraft your bank account, could ya please do it? Would you please donate just $10 to Maria’s Care Fund and ensure that she continues to be able to access the care she needs to recover from her PPD while her husband is away? I’ll make it easy for you. Here’s the link:

Thank you in advance for reaching out across the intarwebs and helping this brave young mama overcome a debilitating circumstance that she did not ask for or deserve.

And now, for some fiction…

FF 7 Just Another

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