Fiction Fridays: Five Creative Writing Exercises That Helped Heal My Trauma

Five creative writing exercises that can help heal trauma, on

The week before last, I posted the Fiction Fridays finale. For those new to this blog, Fiction Fridays was a series in which I posted original short stories that I had written. I closed the series, but that doesn’t mean fiction is not still an integral part of my trauma recovery. Fiction has been a bright point in my life as long as I can remember. When I was a child it was the light by which I viewed the world; since acquiring PTSD it has become the guiding beacon which I use to stumble out from this dark purgatory. Without fiction, this blog would not exist.

People have asked me how I am able to dive back into some of my most painful memories in order to write them out in these posts. Readers have commented on my courage, my bravery; the self-discipline it must take to engage with my trauma in such an honest and public manner. The answer to anything related to trauma is never something that can be summed up in a simple one word response…but ‘fiction’ has definitely been a major catalyst in my recovery. If I had not first explored my trauma through creative fiction, I would not be able to write about it in non-fiction narratives. Had I not first placed the lens of fiction between these events and myself, I would not be able to view them so thoroughly through the direct lens of truth. Fiction has allotted me a safe setting to explore feelings, events, and characters which would have been too triggering to visit in other contexts. It has reduced my symptoms. It has saved my life. Today, I want to share this tool with you.

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Fiction Fridays FINALE

You read that title right. It’s the last Fiction Fridays. The Grande Finale…

I would have loved to keep it going, but people haven’t been responding to the prompts. People have, however, been responding to my guest post calls. Bumping Fiction Fridays means I can open up more space to publish guest posts! Which is great because I hate e-mailing people who have just sent me a post telling them I can’t fit them in until September.

So, as sad as I am to let go of Fiction Fridays, now I get to e-mail all my guest posters with publication dates in the reasonable future! Hooray!

Truth is, I also am not being reliable with the fiction writing. I forgot writing all these blog posts is, well, writing, and while it may not be fiction, it’s still time and mind consuming.

If I have any fiction fans out there: never fear! Fiction is my first love, and I am going to continue posting it regularly..but I’m going to make Betty’s Battleground more focused on the PTSD/mental illness themes, and I am instead going to become more regular about posting my fiction on my Niume author page. So subscribe and follow me there, if you’re a fan! Or follow me on Twitter, where I’ll post links and updates as I publish stories. OR, subscribe here, and I’ll include some links to my favorite stories each month in my monthly newsletter.

Finales always have to be big blow-out spectaculars right? Well this is a creative writing finale, so no fireworks, but I’ll do my subdued writerly version. The story I am posting is long. It’s also one of my best, so if you like my writing, it’s worth reading through. It’s also directly related to the themes of this blog, as it contrasts the healing experience of two rape victims; one who is affluent, and one who is not. One last thing; While the Fiction Fridays archive will remain a live link on the bettysbattleground domain, it is no longer going to be available on the Main menu after next Friday. So if you like these stories, be sure to bookmark the archive page, or Pin it.

Here you go friends…the Fiction Fridays Spectacular Finale!!

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Fiction Fridays 8: “Balloon Wisdom”

Fiction Fridays on

It’s Friday! I’ve got something special for you.

It’s been another sickly week for me. That’s another side effect of PTSD, by the way. Well parenting two toddlers who go to daycare also, but I have a pretty healthy diet and immune system and all that; my body should be more capable of healing itself BUT because of my actively triggered PTSD, it is under such constant stress that I am getting really, really sick. Doesn’t help that my PTSD nightmares have returned with a vengeance due to all this court BS. Sleep is imperative to healing.

See? PTSD has very real side-effects.

Anyway, I finally went into the doctor and got antibiotics so I’ll be doing better. As you’re reading this though, I am probably sitting in a Family Court Services interview growing cold while I talk about my abuse with a stranger.

So here’s your surprise: I am posting an unfinished story that I have written, which I really, really love. It doesn’t have it’s ending yet, so that aspect may be a little frustrating, but I’ll give it to you packaged in a way that seems at least somewhat conclusive.

I have been saving this story to finish, edit, and send to be published elsewhere, but now, today, I am giving it least this much…free! All because I was too sick to write fiction this week. Really…I wrote a ton of blog posts; The Shade’s Children book review and the post about leaving my abuser that I posted here this week, plus a guest post for another blog that’s slated to go up next week, and another post as a test for a paid position. So, see, I can function while sick and triggered! But fiction is really hard for me.

Sadly, I did not get any responses to the Fiction Fridays 7 prompt. YOU GUYS NEED TO START SUBMITTING! I WANT to feature YOU! I want to help you get new viewers and grow your audience! But you have to submit your writing so I can showcase it. I’ve got a great prompt this week. Hopefully it will get your creativity flowing so I can share your work with the world!

It’s a Friday post so please, as always, comment on the fiction content, and not just the stuff I wrote in the intro. If you want to give me your well wishes about my sickness or interview that is very sweet and kind of you, but can you please also say a few words about my story? Even if it’s critical feedback..I love constructive-critical feedback as much as compliments because it helps me grow my writing. 

Anyway, that being said, the eighth original story on Betty’s Battleground. “Balloon Wisdom…”

Fiction Fridays 8: "Balloon Wisdom" on

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