Mental Health Heathers, Family Members, And Me

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This is a post about me. Because right now, I need to talk about me, and I need to feel like someone’s listening–even if they’re not. This is a post that is just about me…it won’t also turn into a post about someone else who went through it too, or someone else who’s going through it worse now. I’m not going to talk about the ways this could apply to you. If you do relate, that’s great (or maybe not so great). But today, right now, I just need to talk about me. Because I’m not doing okay.

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Healing Words: Overcoming The Complacency Trap In Sobriety

Discover the dangers of complacency on

A guest writer series about the ways we heal-on bettysbattleground.comToday’s guest post comes from a young man who has gone through addiction and come out the other side. But he writes today to remind us that sometimes the “other side” is not as clear-cut as we may believe. Complacency can creep up on a person in recovery without her even realizing it. It’s something we all need to watch out for, and I think that counts for people in any kind of recovery, not just addiction. Don’t get too comfortable, because that’s where relapse hides.

One thing I’d like to note is that I enjoy sharing posts from people from a range of perspectives. Mental illness and recovery are umbrellas that cover many different experiences and perspectives. Sometimes I may not fully agree with everything a guest blogger has written, and that’s okay. Respectful disagreement is part of what makes this world so fascinating.

I’m not making this disclaimer because I don’t agree with the subject of Parker’s article. But he does make some references to Twelve Step programs. Personally, I have a bit of a vendetta against Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. Mostly because of their stance on medication (which is, essentially, don’t use it) but also because they pressure people to speak in religious or spiritual terms, to give up their own power over their recovery, and to permanently label themselves as “addicts.” But that’s just my opinion! If you think differently, I urge you to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Learn how to avoid complacency in recovery on bettysbattleground.comParker’s pragmatic, yet introspective take on substance abuse recovery bridges the gap between science and firsthand experience. He hopes to reach the struggling and the recovering addict where they are at through his writing and communication skills. Parker is currently the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Ambrosia in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, Week 2: Celebrations

Happy Friday! Are you ready to help create a HUGE ONLINE STIGMA SMASHING COMMUNITY??

It’s the second Off-Friday since I started the NEW Mental Illness Blog Share. The first one started off a bit slow on Mother’s Day weekend, but ended up coming together to become an archive of nine incredible mother-themed posts.

This Friday also happens to be my lovely littlest one’s second birthday! I’m so excited to celebrate with my husband and his family this year. So far both girls have had a great time being pampered to oblivion by their grandparents. The birthday girl (and the birthday girl’s sister at that) even got a set of custom princess dresses, hand-sewn by their great grandmother, or as she is called in Argentina, “Nona.”

The Princessa de Off-Fridays Wk 2 on

Happy birthday to my Birthday Princess Penelope!


In honor of la princessa de mi vida I have made the Week 2 theme “celebrations.” Don’t worry…the future themes will be a little broader and less specific to my personal life. But this one is actually pretty broad too. Celebrations can mean a lot of things. It can be a post about a birthday party, or one celebrating an important figure or figures in your life; it can be a guide to overcoming social anxiety during the holidays, a celebration of a personal accomplishment-big or small, an account of a time you relapsed because of a holiday, or a time you were proud because you came close but didn’t; even a complaint about celebrations fits here. Really: If you think it fits the theme, it probably does. This linky is less about adhering strictly to a theme, and more about mental illness bloggers around the world joining together to “meet,” read each other’s stories, form potential collaborations, and provide free communal advertising for our blogs. Plus, once it closes, we’ll have created another archive of mental illness posts centered around the theme of “celebrations.”

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