The Big List Of Paying Markets: Mental Health

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I’m proud to say that Betty’s Battleground has reached it’s half-year mark. I started ‘er at the end of January. The first post was about overcoming my PTSD symptoms to take my older daughter to the Womxn’s March against Trump. (Sadly, this anniversary also means Trump’s been our president just as long…but let’s focus on the positive).

This blog and I have been through a lot these past several months. I survived an onslaught of abusive litigation from the man who caused my PTSD, threats and abuse from his current girlfriend, a disappointing betrayal by my father, bumps in my marriage, craziness from the kids, and my own tumultuous mood swings. This blog and I have fared through good days and bad; high volume days and 50 view dips. I’ve found the footing to launch my freelance pursuits, and am now moving on to fellowship applications.

Today, to celebrate and give thanks to my readers and donors, I’m publishing a page filled with paying markets for mental health articles. I have been compiling these resources for the past month, and I’ll be updating it as I find more, so bookmark (pin, stumble, etc) the page!

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Book of the Weeks: 5/8-5/21/2017 “Steering The Craft”

Book of the Weeks 5/8-5/21/2017 “Steering The Craft”

by Ursula K. Le GuinCheck out some great books on

Happy Monday!

Do you grumble at that sentiment? Are Mondays grueling, groggy days during which you are forced to drag yourself through the workday while shaking off weekend withdrawals?

Or are you like me? An unemployed mama whose weekends, while filled with moments of joyful child-parent bonding, also serve as reminders that you have a job that never ends and is rarely appreciated as it should be? Like me, does Monday offer a much needed reprieve, if only for a few brief, task filled hours, while your kids spend time at school or daycare?

Either way, whether it’s a day to stumble through, or a day to celebrate some fleeting freedoms after a hectic weekend, you should spend some time doing something you love. And if you love writing, this weeks’ selection will help you do just that; in the evening after work, or the morning while your kids are at school.

I was first introduced to this book while writing my MFA thesis, another task I managed to squeeze in around full-time momming.

Cutest study partner

For my MFA thesis, I had to submit a big creative portfolio, which I had originally planned to be a fantasy novel, but when I learned that I would be giving birth to my second child at the beginning of my thesis semester, I decided to switch to a collection of speculative fiction stories. I also had to write an academic essay that related to my studies. I decided to write it about three favorite SF luminaries whose works had predicted future events, trends, or inventions with almost preternatural accuracy: Philip K. Dick, Octavia E. Butler, and Ursula K. Le Guin. Imagine my overwhelming joy when I discovered that one of my academic thesis subjects had also written a book that would help with my creative thesis! But you don’t have to be an SF enthusiast or even a Le Guin fan to benefit from Steering the Craft (you probably do have to be a Le Guin fan to qualify as a human though; just sayin’; she’s pretty incredible).

So for this Book of the Weeks, which covers Mother’s Day, lets check out an inspirational writing tool from one of the Mothers of SF. Whether you’re an aspiring fantasy/SF writer, a blogger, or you’re working on healing your trauma through narrative fiction (guess what: I’m all three) your writing craft will benefit from this weeks’ selection.

Like all of my “Book of the Weeks” posts, this post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclaimer at the bottom of any and every page, or in my Mission+Legal page. 

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Fiction Fridays: Highway Drive

Fiction Fridays by Elizabeth

I am adding a new segment to my blog: Fiction Fridays!

I enjoy blogging. It has been very healing for me; it has helped me connect with others who live with PTSD, and to educate those who don’t. I am still really hoping to be able to make some money doing it, because I very much need to. But my first true love is and always will be creative writing.

Keeping up with blog posts, promoting my blog, and reading other blogs takes up a LOT of time! That’s not including all the time that goes into parenting (oh yeah, that other thing I do), and unwinding, which I have realized is a REQUIREMENT if I am going to be a good mom. I used to read a book a week; it’s taken me like three to finish one, and it’s a book I like. Just because I have had to spend so much of my free time blogging.

But what has suffered even more than my pleasure reading is my fiction writing. And it’s important to me. It’s what I went to school for, first of all. It’s the reason I am even able to write many of the posts on this blog; if I hadn’t spent the past nine years exploring my abuse through fiction, there’s no way I would be able to write any of the memoir pieces which have received the most genuine responses here.  Fiction has gotten me through some of the worst times of my life. It has allowed me to escape, to explore, and to understand my experiences, as well as those of others. Because of my ability to write fiction, I don’t have to experience first-hand every terrible thing this world has to offer in order to empathize with others who have. Fiction is limitless. Fiction makes me free.

So, to give myself an excuse (and a demand) to write fiction, I have created “Fiction Fridays.” Every Friday I will post a new work of fiction. Except today, because I just created it, so I am posting an older work of fiction which I love but has never been published. Next week whatever I post will be much less polished, but also more current. This week, I’ll introduce you to my fiction with something which has been edited a bit. As always, I appreciate any comments or shares. And don’t forget to subscribe so that you never miss a post or story: Just enter your info in the box that says “Join Betty’s Army.” It’s on the sidebar!

Without further ado….I give you ‘Highway Drive.’

Highway Drive by Elizabeth
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