Fiction Fridays: The Invitation

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Welcome to the second installment of Fiction Fridays!  If you want to catch up, you can read the first Fiction Fridays story here.

As promised, this week will include a writing prompt and the opportunity to have YOUR work featured on the main page of Betty’s Battleground!

Here is the prompt: I am not a huge fan of St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t have anything against it, per say; I am just not a Catholic and I don’t really know much about its origin, and with two toddlers at home and no money, bar crawling into oblivion isn’t much of an option.

That being said, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. And a lot of people celebrate it. So, to honor the day, my prompt is based around folklore!

First, choose a genre.

Now, select a myth or folktale that you know well. It can be from any religion or culture.

Got it? Good! Now re-tell that myth in the genre you initially selected. You can change as many details as you need. It just needs to be inspired by the myth. 

I chose Science Fiction, and the myth of Persephone. As you will see, I changed many details. The mother is the woman who is kidnapped, for example. The seasons of her revisit are seasons of the human soul, rather than literal seasons. The myth is just the vessel; let you story take you where it takes you.

Entries should be between 300 and 750 words. I will choose up to three entrants to feature on the main page this Sunday! Look after my story for instructions on how to submit your writing.(Deadline passed)

And the winner is……!

Folklore Winner on Zoe Omega is a Seattle based writer and artist. She comes from a family with lots of writers and several lovers of literature. She was encouraged to use her imagination from an early age and loves experimenting in art and writing.



The Story of Jesus’ Conception as Sci-fi

The great Creator had a plan. He’d had a need to create a sense of dependence for his creations. They had grown too egotistical. Too independent. He needed to send someone to Earth with a special message. To help the inhabitants of Earth bend to his will.

Mary stood by the well, filling the bucket with water for the day.

The Creator had been watching her the entirety of her life. Since all his human creations were made in his image he was interested to see what parts of himself he had bestowed upon her.

He loved her curiosity, her sense of humor. He figured those traits were becoming of a woman who would have to describe the strange incident of being impregnated by an alien being. He chose her after watching her for years. He knew these traits suited her for the position. No other woman was better suited to bring his son into the world.

She was not too independent. She would accept her fate. Other women might have been too scared, too close-minded.

When the angel Gabriel appeared she looked at him with curiosity. She showed no fear upon receiving the message she would be carrying the son of the Creator. If anything she showed amusement. She laughed upon thinking about the looks on people’s faces when she shared her condition. She imagined people’s eyes widening, the look of disbelief.

How strange, to be impregnated by a non human being. She felt a sudden sense of peace at the moment of conception. Like nothing she had experienced before. A sort of warmth emanated from her womb.

She laughed.

She had always wanted to feel special. To have some sort of purpose, and now that she was content. She eagerly awaited the opportunity to mother the strange being growing inside her.


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