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Articles by Elizabeth Brico

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PTSD Information+Resources

Other PTSD resources + links

National Institute of Mental Health PTSD Information and Resource page-includes links to open case studies happening around the United States
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs’ PTSD website-includes general information, links for the public, links for professionals, and treatment comparisons for both veterans and the general public
National Child Traumatic Stress Network-extensive resource guide for survivors of childhood abuse
PTSD subreddit-Reddit forum for talking about PTSD with other trauma survivors; my personal favorite PTSD forum
Healthy Place-A website which includes an extensive mental health article library comprised of general descriptive articles, and also highly unique subjects, related to a variety of mental illnesses including PTSD and sociopathy
‘Tuck’ Trauma Resource-This website is devoted to sleep disorders and has a page dedicated to the ways in which trauma and PTSD affect sleep, and ways to help. The overall website includes helpful tips and mattress reviews as well.

Other PTSD/trauma related blogs

http://www.paralleldichotomy.wordpress.comParallel Dichotomy by Sheila O’Donnell Jess by Jess



Flight & Scarlet by Sareeta


Survival Is A Talent by August Pfizenmayer


http://www.ptsdwifey.comPTSD Wifey by PTSD Wifey


Maria lives with PPD, learn more on

I, Mommy by Maria

Addiction Information+Resources

Addiction resources
Addiction Resources-Comprehensive website which includes a drug addiction self assessment and rehabilitative resources
National Institute On Drug Abuse-Includes research based information about addiction treatment
Erowid-Website and public forum with a vast library of drug information, including user-submitted true stories
SMART Recovery-An alternative to the 12-step program; includes online classes and national listings
PTSD and Substance Use Disorders-An in-depth examination and explanation of the correlation between PTSD and drug addiction; the host site also offers comprehensive addiction resource and information articles
Addiction Center-comprehensive addiction resource with information and articles on a variety of addiction related issues. Site features include a huge substance library, overviews of a variety of common co-occurring disorders (including PTSD), a 24/hour nationwide treatment line, and (my personal favorite feature) a Community Blog page with a variety of under-discussed topics.


Other Parenting Blogs

Parenting resources on
Worth Writing For by Elizabeth Voyles


Parenting Resources on
Babies to Bookworms
by Vicki

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