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Because the very first Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share falls on Mother’s Day weekend, it is themed appropriately. Everyone has feelings about mothers, whether it’s love, hate, an awkward combination of the two, or some muddy in-between feeling. This is the place to go to talk about it! Whether you’re a mama with a mental illness, you were raised or birthed by one, your sibling is one, or you did your PhD dissertation on them, drop the link to your mothers-with-mental-illness themed blog post here. Anything related to mothering with a mental illness goes! As long as it’s not abusive. If you’re confused about what “abusive” means, please refer back to the post that brought you here..

Entonces! Without further ado!

Drop your link, and have fun! (your link should appear on the list above the form once you hit submit; you may have to refresh the page to see it)

Mental Illness Blog Share