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Depression and suicide affect a huge number of the world population. Exact estimates vary, but they are all staggering. The World Health Organization states that every 40 seconds, someone on the planet ends their life. We don’t like to discuss depression because it’s ugly and uncomfortable, or suicide because it’s painful and triggering, but the fact is that not speaking out is literally killing people. We need to pull back the blinds on these realities and showcase what life is like for those of us battling depression or suicidality, and what it looks like for those left in the aftermath.

For two weeks a group of bloggers and writers came together to share links and raise awareness about the realities of depression and suicide. The result? A collection of candid, inspiring, informational, thoughtful, and heartbreaking posts that teach the public something new about depression and suicide. Please click around, read these posts, and comment or share freely–remember, as always, be respectful.

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