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What triggers you, and how do you cope when it happens? Do you think trigger warnings help create a safer environment for trauma survivors, or do you think they shield people from realizing harsh but necessary realities? What does “triggered” mean to you?

During PTSD Awareness Month 2017 nine bloggers joined the Off-Fridays “PTSD, trauma, and triggers” themed blog share to create this mental health link library. It includes posts about the Great Trigger Warning Debate, coping with triggers via self-love, Christian perspectives on abuse recovery, alternatives to drugs as a coping mechanism, coping with panic, and various unique explanations on what it means to be triggered and what life looks like after trauma. The “TRIGGERED” library is a valuable and eclectic exploration of mental illness and triggers. So please take a moment to click through these links and explore the library. As always, please keep your engagements with post authors respectful.

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Check out this link library all about mental illness + trauma triggers


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