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What does recovery mean to you? For some it’s therapy, plain and simple. For other, it’s a daily fitness or meditation routine. Others consider recovery something quantified in the heart, by a feeling or mode of being. Some measure their recovery in time, or steps completed. Recovery comes in many forms and is unique to the individual. This week, seven mental health bloggers joined Betty’s Battleground in ending mental illness stigma, by sharing their recovery stories.

We have posts about forgiveness, posts about how to self-treat minor depression, a tweet inviting you to discuss some controversial questions about addiction recovery, posts that encourage, posts that teach, posts by professionals, and posts by other people right in the thick of it. All of these posts show that recovery truly is an art; textured, and complicated, and unique to the individual. Take a moment to browse these nine posts and see what works and what doesn’t for others, and get some tips to aid you in your own recovery. Good luck!

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