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Living with mental illness poses challenges that those on the outside never fully understand. If we only live with a mental illness, our disabilities are invisible; we don’t walk with a limp; we can see as well as anyone; we don’t have affected speech, and we can often carry conversations as well as the next guy…but that does not mean we don’t struggle. Most of us battle symptoms every day,whether its deep depression that keeps us from getting out of bed, anxiety that stops us from going outside, or a delusion that completely warps our view of reality This is why it is important that those of us with mental illnesses celebrate. We must celebrate our victories, large and small, to help remind ourselves that we are important, we are valuable, and we are worthy of self-love.

This link library, which was the second Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, features the writing of six very unique bloggers connected by the shared experience of mental illness. These posts cover every aspect of celebrations; whether it’s celebrating a social achievement like a Blogger Recognition Award, one personal triumphs over trauma, or, on the flip side, describing trauma which occurred during a time which should have been joyous. These eight posts describe the reality of celebrations for those of us living with mental illness. I invite you to browse and respectfully engage with the links in this library.

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