Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share Rules

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The Official Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share Rules + Explanations

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Off-Fridays THE New Mental Illness Blogger's Link-Up Party RULES on BETTYSBATTLEGROUND.COM

-Add your link to the current Off-Fridays link-up party by entering your post info into the form. If you have any trouble or need some changes made, contact Elizabeth Brico.

-Make sure to comment on or share the post above yours, based numerically rather than visually. So if you’re number 3, you’ll comment or share number 2. If you added two links, of course, comment/share the post before your first post. Don’t let this limit you! You can comment/share as many posts as you’d like! Also, don’t let it stop you from adding your link early. You don’t have to do this as soon as you leave your link. Leave your link early so others can engage with it; you have until the Thursday before the next Off-Fridays goes up to complete this rule!

-Most linkys require participants to subscribe to the blog. I’m giving you a choice; I want you to get updates on Off-Fridays so you can come again and again, but I want to you be able to choose whether you get those updates in your inbox or your newsfeed. I do, however, recommend adding your name to my e-mail list. I send out a pretty snazzy newsletter to my subscribers that you don’t want to miss out on.

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-Share your link-up! Whichever week you are participating in, please share the page on your favorite social media platform or platforms. Show pride in the new mental illness archive you have just helped create, and help spread the word about Off-Fridays so that we get more participants!

-Everyone has different ideas about what constitutes abuse. I personally welcome respectful discourse and constructive feedback, however, each blog has their own commenting rules. Do your best, please, when commenting on another blog, to keep to their standards. Honest mistakes happen and I understand. If someone complains that you have been abusive, I will look into the matter before taking any kind of action. Punitive action may take place if you add a post or leave a comment which contains abusive language, meaning: profanity directed toward another participant in a cruel manner, non-constructive criticism (“this post sucks,” etc), threatening others, and general rudeness. “Soft” offenses may cause you to be banned for two weeks, while really egregious offenses may cause you to be banned permanently. You may always e-mail me if you feel I have made an unfair decision, but please keep your messages respectful and constructive or don’t expect a reply.

That’s it! Short and sweet! Enjoy!

Off-Fridays is on hold for July, but will re-start in August! Come back in August to begin creating awesome mental health link libraries with Betty’s Battleground.