How to help the mentally ill mama in your life this Mother's

7 Soothing Mother’s Day Suggestions for the Mentally Ill Mama In Your Life

Today my daughter came home from daycare with paint on her hands. Not an uncommon occurrence and I didn’t think much of it, but when I was helping her wash it off, she looked at me with a big grin … Continue reading co-hosts the 7-day cleaning challenge by

Clean Your Way To Being Less Stressed! by Sincerely, Jacqueline

Clean your way to being Less Stressed – 7 Day House Cleaning + Makeover Challenge by Sincerely Jacqueline Whaaaaat is it an alternate dimension? It’s a post on Sunday…Betty’s Battleground never posts on Sunday! Well, except that one time. While … Continue reading

The Trauma-Mama Guide To Staying Sober During Triggering

Sober After Trauma: 10 Simple Ways To Prevent Relapse When Triggered

Life is hard. PTSD is hard. Staying sober is hard. When you have PTSD, and an addiction history, and your life suddenly weaponizes against you, staying sober becomes a monumental feat. Right now, my life is a landmine of triggers. I … Continue reading

The Suicide Survivor’s Guide: 3 Ways to Recognize Suicidal Behavior, and How You Can Help

It has been a heavy week on Betty’s Battleground. Last Wednesday I posted the letter I didn’t write when I attempted suicide on my birthday last year. On Monday, I kicked off my guest post series “Tales From the Other Side” … Continue reading

Six Indoor Activities That You Can Do With Your Kids When You're Kinda Sorta Maybe Really Freaking Out

Mindful Mothering: Six Simple Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids When You’re Kinda Sorta Maybe Really Freaking Out

When you live with PTSD, or any anxiety disorder, you know to be ready for an episode any day, any time. Symptoms can range from mild to severe; an episode could mean heightened awareness of other people’s micro-expressions, or it … Continue reading