A guest post about vicarious PTSD

Tales From The Other Side: Is PTSD Contagious?

Today’s guest post covers a topic that is not discussed often, especially within the PTSD community. Is PTSD contagious? Of course, in the common usage of the word “contagious,” it is not. PTSD is not a virus or a bacteria. … Continue reading

Part 2 of the Genelle Chaconas' guest post about PTSD on bettysbattleground.com

PTSD Awareness Month 2017 Pt 2: “Through The Looking Glass”

June is PTSD awareness month and this is the second half of a two part special about the complex truth of life after trauma. If you missed part one, please take a moment to read it first. This guest post … Continue reading

Read about Genelle's experience with paternal abuse on bettysbattleground.com

PTSD Awareness Month 2017: “Down The Rabbit Holes”

June is PTSD Awareness Month I have been sharing a lot of stories about PTSD this month on my blog. I shared a couple posts about my abusive relationship; one on forgiveness, and the other on what it was like … Continue reading

A guest post by August Pfizenmayer on bettysbattleground.com

Tales From The Other Side: A Neurochemical Romance

Hello! Happy Monday! It really is a happy Monday because I have the honor of publishing this amazing guest post, and you’re here reading it šŸ˜‰ Last month August did me the great honor of hosting my very first published … Continue reading


Tales From the Other Side: “When It Happens To Your Child”

When It Happens To Your Child I have written a lot on my blog about the trauma I have experienced. I have written about the ways trauma has affected my day to day life, Ā and how it haunts my interpersonal … Continue reading

Trauma Informed Care by Sheila O'Donnell hosted on www.bettysbattleground.com

Tales From The Other Side: “Trauma Informed Care”

Happy Monday. New week, new prospects. Well I live with PTSD so past trauma is always sticking to me, but I am hoping to at least shed some of last week’s crap. I’m starting to feel better from the interview…and … Continue reading

Guest Post Series on www.bettysbattleground.com

Tales From the Other Side: “My Letter to My Sister After Her Suicide”

“My Letter to My Sister After Her Suicide” is the first installationĀ of my Guest Post Series: Tales From the Other Side If you have been following my blog, you know that I write about my experiences as a mother who … Continue reading