Meet Andolina-on

Parenting with Mental Illness: Andolina (Major Depressive Disorder)

I am honored to introduce Andolina as this month’s Parenting with Mental Illness interviewee. She’s a beautiful young mother who lives with Major Depressive Disorder and moderate anxiety. She also lost her father to suicide. I can only imagine what … Continue reading

Read author Brandi Kennedy's interview about parenting with PTSD on

Parenting With Mental Illness: Brandi (PTSD)

Today’s interview features Author Brandi Kennedy, a writer, blogger, and fellow trauma-mama. Her courage and tenacity shine through everything she writes, and I’m sure equally through everything she does, even when she doesn’t recognize it herself. I am honored to … Continue reading

Mandy Wijn from the blog Mom Mandy talks about her experiences with Depression and Anxiety on

Parenting With Mental Illness: Mandy (Depression+Anxiety)

Hello! Thank you for dropping by this fine day in July! Or if you’re in the part of the world that says things like “fine day in December” (so weird), then thank you for dropping by this cold wretched day … Continue reading

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Parenting with Mental Illness: Karin (PTSD)

It’s that time of the month again..By which I mean, of course, time for the monthly Parenting with Mental Illness interview. I am so grateful to the three mothers I have interviewed so far for being so generous with their … Continue reading

Meet Sheila on

Parenting with Mental Illness: Sheila (CPTSD+Bipolar Affective Disorder)

It’s Monday, and today Monday means yesterday was Mother’s Day, and now it’s over. Is anyone else glad about that? Don’t get me wrong…it wasn’t a bad Mother’s Day…my husband made me fancy-ingredient gourmet waffles and changed (most of) all … Continue reading

Meet Maria: A Mother with PPD on

Parenting With Mental Illness: Maria (PPD)

I have been putting together this series behind the curtains¬†for a while now, almost as long as Betty’s Battleground has been live, and I am really excited and honored to launch it today. “Parenting with Mental Illness” is an interview … Continue reading