learn about creating protective rituals in this article by Elizabeth Brico

(Reblog) Protective Rituals Help Combat Holiday Stress

Seasonal holidays involve many inherent rituals, but have you considered creating your own protective rituals? I had the opportunity to discuss rituals–both helpful and harmful ones–with psychologist Stanton Peele while researching an article I wrote about addiction for Vice. He describes … Continue reading

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(Reblog) Kids Can Be A Trigger For Parents With PTSD

Whether or not a person chooses to have kids is highly personal. Becoming a parent is life-changing–in ways that are both uniquely rewarding and highly stressful. Each of us should be allowed to make that decision individually, regardless of our … Continue reading

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(Reblog) Does Sexual Harassment Affect Rape Survivors?

The #MeToo hashtag campaign has exposed the fact that sexual violence is a significant event in the lives of most women. One of the most common forms of this violence is sexual harassment. A few examples of sexual harassment are catcalling, suggestive … Continue reading

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(Reblog) Does Having PTSD Make You Violent?

I want to begin this post by offering my condolences to those affected by the recent Las Vegas shooting. I can only imagine the pain you are feeling. I hope that you are able to access the care and support … Continue reading

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(Reblog) PTSD Is Unfair: Here’s How To Heal Anyway

I don’t usually do this, but today I published my first “real” post on HealthyPlace,  besides my introduction of course. I wanted to share it with you, because it’s about something that ruled my life for many years–the unfairness of … Continue reading