Problems with saying I'm sorry--on

Tales From The Other Side: The Problem With Saying “I’m Sorry”

I’m sorry! Wait. What am I apologizing for? Existing? Having needs? What?! Does that sound familiar to you? It sure does to me. If you have issues with saying “I’m sorry” too much (or not enough), you’ll be really interested … Continue reading

Broward County is harming

Broward County Is Withholding My Children Indefinitely

The country went up in arms recently about the US government taking and withholding children from immigrant parents. Social media was abuzz with photos, videos, and audio recordings of children crying for their parents, being herded like animals in cages, … Continue reading

Writer Avery Philips discusses ways to mitigate family stress when one member has PTSD--on

Healing Words: Treating The Effects of PTSD On Family Members

It’s a pretty plain fact that when one member of a family has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other members of the family feel it in one way or another. This isn’t as terrible as it might sound to some. If … Continue reading

A Post About Dissident Happiness II

Dear person who read my 2017 post about dissident happiness today, thank you. Every once in a while I check my blog stats and see what posts people are reading (by the way–where is my guest post about growing up … Continue reading

Rebuilding My Life From The Rubble Of Familial Abuse

Right off the bat: will you take a moment to click vote 10 times for my poem and essay in a contest? Now, here’s the story… Earlier this year I asked for your help. I asked you to donate so … Continue reading