I Haven’t Posted Since Last Year!

Betty's Battleground slowly comes back online after a family member's hospitalization

Hello. Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? If you didn’t, it’s okay. I forgive you…this time. Just because there were all sorts of holidays and excitement and all that. But it’s true.  I have not posted in several weeks, which is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started this here blog.

My husband is in the hospital. So that’s why I’ve been too busy to blog–or return emails, or do anything besides keep myself and my children alive. If you’re one of my guest bloggers, or anyone else who has been trying to get ahold of me, I apologize. I plan to return all emails by the end of the week. We’re also hoping my husband will be home by the end of the week, though that all depends on how he’s doing. In the meantime, I will be getting the blog slowly restarted, including re-launching my monthly “Parenting with Mental Illness” feature interviews. If you are a parent with a mental illness who would like to share your story on Betty’s Battleground, I’d be honored to feature you. Check out the guest post info page for more details and to find the links to the preliminary interviews. Since February is my birthday month, I’m thinking I’ll actually feature myself. But I thought it would be interesting to have YOU ask the questions for this. Interested? Guess I’ll find out. Leave a comment with your question or questions for me. I do reserve the right to skip anything, but unless it’s super creepy or requires me to disclose another person’s personal info, I probably won’t skip it.

I really hope to get some participants so that I can have a fun feature for my birthday next month, and I hope even more to get some new mamas and papas for the interviews in the following months! Later this month I will be featuring poetry from some mental illness poets who I was supposed to feature last month but couldn’t due to the hospitalization. I should also be having my first sponsored post and…if everything turns out as hoped…a really cool surprise *knock on wood.*

Anyway, Happy New Year! If you made a resolution to take better care of someone who has PTSD in your life, check out my latest post on HealthyPlace, which tells you how to do just that:

It can be hard to care for someone who has posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As someone who has served as both a caretaker and a person in need of care, I intimately understand the difficulties interlaced in the care of people with trauma histories. For example, it can be hard for us to express joy and gratitude, even when we feel it. People with PTSD can be prone to anger, which may make them lash out verbally or even physically (though studies have shown that PTSD does not usually make people more prone to violence than the general population). PTSD is sometimes treatment resistant, meaning we feel so damaged, hopeless, or otherwise unworthy that we give up on getting better, or refuse to try in the first place. People with PTSD are sometimes drawn toward self-harming behaviors like cutting themselves, or misusing drugs. It is indescribably painful to sit and hold the hand of someone you care for when that someone doesn’t appear to care about herself. But PTSD recovery relies on community support. We need you to keep holding our hands, even if we can’t find the words to tell you how much it means to us.

Read the rest of “How to Care for Someone Who Has PTSD” by Elizabeth Brico on HeathyPlace

4 thoughts on “I Haven’t Posted Since Last Year!

  1. Hello, my name is Kerri and I am a mother suffering from PTSD and my life is very crazy and upside down right now while I am working on releasing all this trauma. Please message me just to let me know someone out there cares:)

    • Hi Kerri. Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry your life feels unmanageable right now…I know the feeling. It’s tough to remember these times will pass, especially when they seem to drag on and become so overwhelming that you lose proper sense of the passing of time. At least that happens to me. But it will pass. And you do matter. <3 <3 I don't have much to offer,but if you ever feel like sharing some of your story will help you, I can offer you a spot on this blog. Take care of yourself--you matter and you deserve to heal!

  2. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a parent with PTSD. My latest post is about trying to figure out my mom who I know has PTSD but we don’t talk about it. It’s not in our culture.

    • Oh wow, yes, that’s a tough situation. My family is from Cuba and talking about mental illness is not taken super well in our culture either, but I am honestly pretty estranged from my culture so that doesn’t really affect me. But it definitely affects my mom. I don’t know if she has PTSD…she came here as a refugee so she could…but she definitely has anxiety..extreme anxiety. A couple Halloweens back she was fussing anxiously about something, and I casually asked her if she’d ever considered taking medication for her anxiety. It wasn’t mean to be an accusatory or even revelatory statement. Her anxiety rules her life; it’s prevalent in everything she does. I thought it was a given. But she got really huffy and offended. “I don’t have anxiety,” she said, of course then moving on to insulting me next. “I can function, I’m not like my sister, or you.” So I get it! What’s the link to your post??

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