(Reblog) What To Expect When You And Your Partner Both Have PTSD


Elizabeth Brico: https://www.healthyplace.com/blogs/traumaptsdblog/2017/12/you-and-partner-have-ptsd/

Does your partner have posttraumatic stress disorder? Do you as well? Living in the aftermath of trauma is difficult enough on its own, but navigating a relationship in which both partners have PTSD can be an emotional minefield.

My husband and I both have PTSD. Though it may sound strange, sharing PTSD is part of the reason we bonded so quickly after we met (we married a week after our one year anniversary). Although we developed posttraumatic stress disorder as the result of different–but not wholly dissimilar–traumas, we have some of the same symptoms, and are able to understand the daily burden of pain we each experience. Love is not only based on positivity and tenderness; being understood is powerfully attractive as well.

In my experience, living with a partner who also has PTSD has both its benefits and its pitfalls. This checks out with the experiences of other couples I’ve interviewed and read about. I’m not a psychological expert, but following is a list of the benefits and disadvantages I’ve gathered about being involved with someone who also has PTSD


2 thoughts on “(Reblog) What To Expect When You And Your Partner Both Have PTSD

  1. Both my husband and I have PTSD too. I feel that having a partner who understands the challenges that come with this disorder on a personal level is truly beautiful. It’s exactly why our marriage is enriching, strong, and healthy. Thank you for sharing this! It validates the fact that those of us facing PTSD in our relationship can have a wonderful connection with our partners.

    • Thanks hun. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to quote you in this; I definitely thought of you but between a bunch of crazy family stuff I didn’t have the time to get in touch. Maybe next time. Thank you for the lovely comment <3

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