Exclusive (and frank) author interview with Amy Dresner on bettysbattleground.com

Book Review + EXCLUSIVE Author Interview “My Fair Junkie” by Amy Dresner

  Today I am beyond thrilled to provide you a review of the novel My Fair Junkie, written by Amy Dresner–who writes for many of the same sites I do (and more) but has been doing so for a lot longer–followed … Continue reading

Elizabeth Brico: https://www.healthyplace.com/blogs/traumaptsdblog/2017/12/you-and-partner-have-ptsd/

(Reblog) What To Expect When You And Your Partner Both Have PTSD

  Does your partner have posttraumatic stress disorder? Do you as well? Living in the aftermath of trauma is difficult enough on its own, but navigating a relationship in which both partners have PTSD can be an emotional minefield. My husband and … Continue reading

How exercise helps with depression on bettysbattleground.com

Inchworming To Happiness: How I Use Exercise To Manage My Depression

I stared at the ceiling as wakefulness poisoned my body. That’s really what it felt like: poison. My limbs felt as though they had anchors tied to them. Rising from the bed was an Olympic feat. By the time I … Continue reading