Mental Health Heathers, Family Members, And Me

This is a post about me. Because right now, I need to talk about me, and I need to feel like someone’s listening–even if they’re not. This is a post that is just about me…it won’t also turn into a … Continue reading

learn about creating protective rituals in this article by Elizabeth Brico

(Reblog) Protective Rituals Help Combat Holiday Stress

Seasonal holidays involve many inherent rituals, but have you considered creating your own protective rituals? I had the opportunity to discuss rituals–both helpful and harmful ones–with psychologist Stanton Peele while researching an article I wrote about addiction for Vice. He describes … Continue reading

Justin discusses surviving male on male rape on bettysbattleground.com

Healing Words: The Effects Of Rape Can Last A Lifetime

Today’s guest post describes the experience of a survivor of male-on-male rape, which has not yet been discussed here on Betty’s Battleground. As last week’s Tales From the Other Side guest post pointed out, some people just do not believe … Continue reading

August Blair guest writes for bettysbattleground.com

Tales From The Other Side: Self-Care While Dating A Sexual Assault Survivor

  Today’s guest writer, August Blair, appeared on this blog in the past–she wrote a post about her experience of being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder while her partner at the time was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. If you haven’t read … Continue reading

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(Reblog) I Loved The Man Who Abused Me

The memory that haunts me most is not being strangled until my body gave way to seizure. Nor is it the three days I spent being beaten in a motel by my lover. It’s not the day he raped me … Continue reading

Parenting with PTSD on bettysbattleground.com

Parenting With Mental Illness: Tia Hollowood (PTSD)

It’s that time of the month again.. Meaning, time for the Parenting with Mental Illness feature interview. As we move forward through sexual assault awareness month on Betty’s Battleground, I’d like to introduce you to Tia Hollowood, who is my … Continue reading

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Eight Articles To Read About Sexual Assault + #MeToo

This month, Betty’s Battleground is talking about sexual assault and its aftermath. This is something that has been planned for months, but as it happens, the nation is (finally) joining this conversation as well. Today, I’m sharing with you some … Continue reading

HealthyPlace reblog by Elizabeth Brico

(Reblog) Kids Can Be A Trigger For Parents With PTSD

Whether or not a person chooses to have kids is highly personal. Becoming a parent is life-changing–in ways that are both uniquely rewarding and highly stressful. Each of us should be allowed to make that decision individually, regardless of our … Continue reading

The trauma of sexual assault doesn't end with the attack. Learn more on bettysbattleground.com

Sexual Violence Lasts Far Longer Than The Act

I am shocked when I hear people telling sexual assault survivors to “just get over it.” I don’t understand how someone can categorize sexual assault as a singular act; as though it is just the event that happened without any … Continue reading

Zoe Azrael talks sexual assault, shame, and healing on bettysbattleground.com

Healing Words: Reclamation–This Is My Body. I Live Here.

In an effort to relieve the misplaced shame many sexual assault survivors carry, Betty’s Battleground is dedicating the month of November 2017 to sexual assault and rape awareness. I began the series with a post about the psychological impact of … Continue reading

Learn about the aftermath of rape on bettysbattleground.com

How To Help A Loved One Who Has Been Raped

The first time I was a victim of rape, I didn’t immediately realize I had been raped. I was sixteen, a virgin, and in love. I had no idea that I was still just a child, or that my boyfriend, … Continue reading