(Reblog) I Loved The Man Who Abused Me

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The memory that haunts me most is not being strangled until my body gave way to seizure. Nor is it the three days I spent being beaten in a motel by my lover. It’s not the day he raped me on the bed next to our three-month-old son, or the time he punched my head again and again into the cement floor of a garage until I had to prop myself against him, his arms wrapped around my waist, just to get home. These memories hold their share of terror, but the one that haunts me most begins with a bicycle.

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2 thoughts on “(Reblog) I Loved The Man Who Abused Me

  1. This essay really helps me in my search for truth and the comment that cuts through all the b.s. most is when you said ‘he never really loved me anyway’ or words to that effect because that is the truth. As a survivor of narcissism I experienced the damage as abusive neglect instead of physical attack. What the narcissist is saying is that your are not worth noticing enough to waste the energy on hitting. Regardless the illusion exists in our heads. We see what we want to see and I thank you for in insight.

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