(Reblog) Does Having PTSD Make You Violent?

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I want to begin this post by offering my condolences to those affected by the recent Las Vegas shooting. I can only imagine the pain you are feeling. I hope that you are able to access the care and support you need to heal as best you can from this traumatic event.

Whenever a tragedy involving a lone gunman and multiple fatalities takes place, we wonder why it happened. What went wrong? Our social media feeds buzz with conversations about politics, gun control, and mental illness. Often, we tend to center the mental illness discussions on what kind of mental health problems the shooter may have had, and what kind of treatment he did or did not receive. I haven’t seen the Las Vegas shooter accused of having posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but past perpetrators of similar acts have been speculated to have PTSD. Is it true? Does having PTSD make people more prone to committing acts of extreme violence?

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2 thoughts on “(Reblog) Does Having PTSD Make You Violent?

  1. I don’t feel that PTSD necessarily makes us violent. I believe it’s a combination of certain symptoms and wether or not someone is receiving proper treatment. Personally, on my journey, I have found that I have much more control of my behavior choices than I used to. Often times, PTSD gets blamed for our actions. But, honestly, we should learn accountability and “own our journey”. Of course, this is my personal opinion and not all PTSD is the same. We don’t have a PTSD cookie cutter that everyone with this lovely disorder fits into. What are your thoughts?

    • Check out the full article on HealthyPlace! I go through some research on the subject and my own personal experiences. I think a big factor is substance use. I agree with you that recognizing our own destructive patterns and behaviors helps us learn to correct them.

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