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Heya, it’s time for some reading recommendations. And because I don’t have an author interview to feature, that means some blog post and article links rather than a book review. I’d say sorry, but I’ve seen my blog stats. Y’all like these posts way more than the book reviews.

Side note: I have historically hated the word “y’all.” This post is possibly the first time I’ve used it. I don’t really recall why I hated it, and I don’t know what has possessed me to use it now, besides convenience, but whatevs. It’s all good. I’m being flippant because I’ve been researching an excruciatingly depressing story, and I know that at least one of the women involved in this story is undergoing a lot of pain and suffering right now. So I’m trying to cover up some righteous worldly disgust. Ever done that? Commiserate in the comments, please. It will cheer me up.

Anyway, here’s what I think you should be reading this week.


An Essay About Grief By A Girl Who’s Never Been To A Funeral

What hubris! Number one is by yours truly. This is a guest post I wrote as part of an exchange with Ms. Stephanie Harris–you can read her post from the exchange here. Essentially, I talk about my experiences with familial death and grief, and how it ties into the development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder later in life. It’s a touch experimental. Not as much as most writers from my grad school (kisses to ya Naropa). But a touch.

As A Scientist, He Studied Trauma Victims. Then He Became One.

A PTSD researcher gets shot by a disgruntled former colleague. He gets insight into the subject of his research first hand. A writer gets wind of it and writes an article. That’s essentially what this is, but my clipped description fails to capture the insight and good storytelling taking place. It’s long, but definitely worth the read. I hope to publish this kind of stuff one day.

North Korea Accuses Trump Of Declaring War

In case you’re not up to date on this development, Trump’s Twitter account has brought us one step closer to nuclear annihilation. Seriously, someone needs to put a cease and desist on Trump’s Twitter account. Why has this not happened yet??

The Health 202: Insurers Make Their Pitch On How To Rescue The Health-Care System

WashPost provides an in-depth detail of different perspectives on healthcare, and how we can (maybe) rescue it from the shitshow this country has become. We get to see exactly how much Trumpcare could take away, and why that matters. Scroll down to “Oof” if you really want to see something exciting 😉

Nutrition For Wellness: Let Food Be Your Medicine

This articulate and accessible guest post on Skin & Satori, one of my favorite wellness blogs, talks about the relationships we have with food, and how those relationships affect us both physically and emotionally.

The Unique Discrimination That Bi People Face

This article on Broadly–which has been frustratingly obstinate about not accepting my pitches even though I think I would be a fucking fabulous contributor–covers both bisexualism and trauma. This bi trauma-mama would be remiss not to include it on the list, even though Broadly should already publish me by now, don’t ya think?

Ivanka’s Depression Reveal Is The Ultimate Hypocrisy

Tonic–which does publish my stuff thankyouverymuch–is spot on with this piece criticizing Ivanka’s recent admission about postpartum depression. Not all mental illnesses are created equally, at least not Trumpmerica. She won’t be affected by his damn healthcare bullshit. She’ll be fine. I feel for any woman who deals with PPD, rich or poor, but honestly, I feel for the poor ones just a little bit more.

Opioid Addiction And Pregnancy: Why Are Doctors Ignoring Best Practices?

Alright, yes, I’m repping two of my articles today. It’s my blog, I can do it. If you’re not into reading my writing, then why are you here? Seriously, I’m really glad this one was published on The Fix, because they’re a great addiction resource, and the discrimination mothers on methadone face is appalling. I was only able to include two stories besides my own, but I interviewed far more than two mothers. It’s very sad what is happening to people with the disease of addiction in this country. I hope I live to see the day where things are better for us.

It’s 2017: So Why Aren’t We Period Positive Yet?

I love Ana, the author this blog. Look out for a guest post from her here soon (eeee! so excited)! She is strong, smart, GORGEOUS, funny, sensitive, and very sweet. I definitely have a bit of a crush on her. Too bad she’s all the way the UK and (I think?) straight. But let’s move on…she’s got this really interesting fashion blog that deviates all the time into feminist, mental health, and personal stuff. I LOVE it because it mixes trendy with political–smart move. Anyway, this post is about periods. Those awful things we’re taught to hate. She tackles that hate and gets really deep into vagina love (yes I intentionally strung that sequence of words together). Also, there’s something in there about calling vaginas “fairy or fadge” and I have NO IDEA what that’s about, but it’s making me want to move to England.

Oklahoma Corrections Department Officials Say Prison Doctors Aren’t Shackled By Past Problems

Seriously, just move past the terrible title and read the damn article. It’s really demented. These doctors are in charge of the lives and wellbeing of actual living women. Two of whom I’ve been in contact with for an article. Spoiler: things are not going well in that prison.

People With Disabilities Often Feel They Are A Burden. That’s Why Legally Assisted Suicide Scares Me.

To be clear: I’m pro-legally assisted suicide. I’m pro a major expansion to cover mental illness. But that’s a much bigger topic for another day. Despite my husband’s belief to the contrary, I enjoy engaging with opposing opinions. Every once in a while, my mind can even be changed. This article didn’t change my mind, but it came pretty close. It’s definitely an issue we need to consider and work in. Whose suicidal wishes should be honored? Whose should be healed? How–and should–we make this determination?

Cuba Sets Up Hurricane Relief Bank Account. U.S. Citizens Should Be Wary Of Contributing.

This article pissed me off, but it’s definitely something I’d like you to read. Growing up in the United States as a first generation Cuban-American has been confusing, often unsettling, and sometimes downright infuriating. I may not represent the “typical Cuban” or Latina (as my husband likes to bring up whenever I try to discuss race issues), but I do know what it feels like to be totally disconnected from my heritage. I know what it feels like to read articles like this one. To be fair to the Miami-Herald, it’s warning people of legal issues, not moral or even political ones. But it’s so damn unfair that Cuba gets destroyed and ignored because of the some old political dispute, the fathers of which are no longer even alive.

Those are my recommendations this Monday! What are YOU reading? Leave me your favorite articles and blogs posts below.

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6 thoughts on “12 Articles You Need To Be Reading NOW

  1. Hey Betty,
    Hope I didn’t step on your “figurative” toes with the use of the word making a lousy parent. P.T.S.D. is sucky in so many ways. I guess in reference to my own issues concerning this problem, I couldn’t handle much. I couldn’t imagine being a parent and having to make the choice of giving up your son. It’s just that, I know in my own relationships, my girlfriends became my caretakers, Which was cute in the beginning but became problematic down the road because of these constant over reactions and how I “feel” and I can’t eat in public tonight because I feel like I’m dying. I feel bad for them in some ways because I was such a pill to deal with. But it was a dance, a tango as it were, with their own issues as well. They chose a person with P.T.S.D. and somehow this meshed with their psychological issues as well. So, once again, sorry if the comment rubbed you the wrong way. Keep on keeping on and good lucky with psycho. You might find that facing this person in court could make you stronger. Good luck!

    • Hey Steve,
      no you didn’t offend me. I’ve just been super busy. I understood what you were saying. I think it sounds like you have some complicated thoughts and feelings around women that may bear some examination, maybe? I actually already did the court stuff, although there’s potentially more coming up. It was really triggering..since it’s ended, I’ve stopped needing medication for nightmares and have just been a lot less symptomatic. But it did also kickstart this blog; I started this blog as a means of coping with the stress from the court, and it also helped me realize that I am at least stronger than my abuser, who is a very weak and pathetic person. I just feel bad for his girlfriend. I hope she realizes what a scumbag he is and leaves him. I could never stand to be with a guy who I knew had sex with a thirteen year old girl while he was an adult, notwithstanding allllllll the other stuff. Correction: I did stand to be with that guy, but when I was a teenager myself. I could not stand that as an adult.

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