Read about how PTSD is unfair, but you can heal anyway, on HealthyPlace

(Reblog) PTSD Is Unfair: Here’s How To Heal Anyway

I don’t usually do this, but today I published my first “real” post on HealthyPlace, ¬†besides my introduction of course. I wanted to share it with you, because it’s about something that ruled my life for many years–the unfairness of … Continue reading

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11 Blogs + Articles You Should Be Reading This Week–8/28

I have sad news today. Simply-Linked, my linkup provider, has disappeared. It happened the same day major hosting network dreamhost had some kind of attack that sent several sites (including this blog) offline for a couple hours, so at first … Continue reading

Learn how motherhood and mental health blogger MomMandy fought depression with medication on

Healing Words: How I Fought Depression With Medication

Today’s guest post comes from MomMandy, a mama who struggles with depression and who was featured previously as one of the Parenting With Mental Illness interviewees. In this article by Mandy, a mother who hails from the Netherlands, she describes … Continue reading

Find out if humans are naturally immortal on

Do My Near-Death Experiences Prove Immortality?

Are humans immortal? Am I? These are the questions that land people like me in psych wards. Yet also the exact questions being posited by ‘biocentrism‘ researchers like Dr. Robert Lanza. And, according to some of his ideas, maybe even … Continue reading

How To Literally Sleep Away Your Trauma on

Tales From The Other Side: How To Literally Sleep Away Your Trauma

Happy Monday! Did you sleep well last night? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. The Center for Disease Control estimates that over 35% of Americans do not get the recommended amount of sleep. Look at the PTSD population, … Continue reading

Share you writing about addiction here-#offfridays

Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, Week 6: Addiction

Hello and welcome to Off-Fridays. If you’re new here, Off-Fridays is a blog share that converts to a link library and themed resource page once it closes for links. Anyone is welcome to join so long as your links are … Continue reading

Get insight into suicide from someone who's been there-on

Why You Should Forgive Your Friends And Heroes Who Commit Suicide

Suicide recently came into the public consciousness because of the death by hanging of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. Whenever I hear about someone dying from hanging, I think about this kindhearted, sweet as hell, alcoholic teenage gutter punk I … Continue reading

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The 13 Best Blogs + Articles To Read This Week 8/14

Guess what I noticed? My book recommendations (when they don’t include author interviews) get almost no views, while my blog article recommendations last week were read, clicked through, shared, and commented on! So as much as I love and value … Continue reading

Learn how blogger and attorney Sheerin Siddique overcame three separate instances of sexual assault on

Healing Words: The Story Behind The Voice

  I’ve been getting a lot of traffic to my blog since my Vox article came out. I wish this beast were monetized! But hey, if you’re visiting from the Vox article, welcome to my ad-free blog! My husband thinks … Continue reading

Find out how much you know about addiction by playing "Is/Is Not: Addiction" on

Game Time! Is/Is Not: Addiction

I have something new for you today! There are a lot of misconceptions about various topics that affect many people in this world. So many misconceptions. I’m sure I hold a few. But, having been through some things that sit … Continue reading

Read author Brandi Kennedy's interview about parenting with PTSD on

Parenting With Mental Illness: Brandi (PTSD)

Today’s interview features Author Brandi Kennedy, a writer, blogger, and fellow trauma-mama. Her courage and tenacity shine through everything she writes, and I’m sure equally through everything she does, even when she doesn’t recognize it herself. I am honored to … Continue reading

Off-Fridays, THE Mental Illness Blog Share is BACK! Join Week 5 with your articles about depression and/or suicide-exclusively on

Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, Week 5: Depression + Suicide

Happy Friday! Really, it’s an awesome ¬†Friday BECAUSE…it’s the first Friday of August! Which means…Off-Fridays, THE Mental Illness Blog Share is BACK. I’m so happy to bring my baby back. I missed my linky. I paused it for a month … Continue reading

Why you should think twice before detoxing those "toxic" friends-on

Why The “Detox Negative People Fad” Hurts The Mentally Ill

You’ve heard it before. Maybe you have even said it, or some variation. “Detox the negative people out of your life.” The basic tenet is that we all deserve happiness, we all deserve to be around people who make us … Continue reading