Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, Week 6: Addiction

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Hello and welcome to Off-Fridays. If you’re new here, Off-Fridays is a blog share that converts to a link library and themed resource page once it closes for links. Anyone is welcome to join so long as your links are on-topic and not abusive. The rules page can further explain what Betty’s Battleground considers abusive (hint: controversial does not mean abusive). This week’s topic is addiction.

Addiction is a big scary word that not a lot of people think they know much about, even though many of us have experienced it in some form or another. If you want to test just how much you know about addiction, check out “Is/Is Not: Addiction,” a game I created this month to test people’s ideas about certain commonly misunderstood topics. Addiction is so widely demonized and misunderstood that I have begun to make it a personal mission to very publicly overshare the realities of my own addiction. Before I send you to the page where you can leave you links, I want to share a brief story.

I read an article the other day by a well-versed writer who had some heavy duty, prestigious credits like Al-Jazeera and CNN. The article was well-written–no complaints there. Engaging too. I even shared it around some. But at one point the writer described her ex-husband, who she had discovered using drugs. First, she found a tinfoil with burned, tarry traces zigzagging across it. Then, she noticed his pupils were the size of pins. Finally, she confirmed what she’d been suspecting: he was high on METH! Does anyone else see the problem here?

If you didn’t get the problem was, don’t worry. That’s not the worst type of drug-related misconception out there, though it’s a common one. Writers who don’t use drugs constantly get the signs, symptoms, and effects wrong. It’s pretty funny for those of us who know what’s up…until it becomes super annoying. Those kinds of mistakes are pretty tame, but sometimes they get dangerous. Like the idea that people taking methadone equals people getting high on the government’s dime, or that that taking suboxone means you’re not sober. Shit like that truly needs to be dispelled. And since I’ve managed to get a few people to listen to me, I’m on a mission to get more people to listen to me…and not just to me but to all of the other addicts who have been screaming our heads off for a while now but have been ignored because “we’re just lazy asshole junkies who should be euthanized.”

By the way, the problem in that article I described above was that her husband was clearly showing signs of using heroin or opiate pills. Just about the total opposite of meth.

I cordially invite you to join me today on my mission to dispel all the rumors, misconceptions, and lies about addiction. Let’s crush the stigma to shreds together. Please add up to two links to articles, tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos (anything that can be linked) related to the subject of addiction. Anything goes as long as it relates, and doesn’t abuse anyone.

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