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Guess what I noticed? My book recommendations (when they don’t include author interviews) get almost no views, while my blog article recommendations last week were read, clicked through, shared, and commented on! So as much as I love and value literature, I’m going to switch it up and start doing article recommendations, except on those occasions when I have an author interview to go along with the book review. That being said, if you are an author with a book in hardcopy and you’d like to see it reviewed on Betty’s Battleground, contact me. Please note that I’m not able to review writing that is heavily couched in an Abrahamic faith.

Now, let’s get to the recommendations. What are the best articles I’ve read the past two weeks? These cover everything from shampooing away nuclear fallout, to do-able parenting hacks, and come from big news sites and lesser known bloggers alike. Take a look at the best articles this writer has read, and don’t forget to leave your recommendations in the comments.

Oh, last thing! The re-launch of Off-Fridays: THE Mental Illness Blog Share was a success. See what bloggers are saying about depression and suicide here.

13 Best Blogs + Articles to Read This Week

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8 Parenting Hacks To Teach Your Children-Failure Is The Secret To Success

This post provides accessible advice for parents hoping to encourage success within their children. What I really appreciate about this lucid, well-written blog post is that it emphasizes the merits of failure. Everyone experiences failure at some point or another, and when we encourage our children to embrace and learn from their disappoints, we help them build a mentality that will lead them to success.

How Washing Your Hair Could Help You Survive A Nuclear Blast

I already posted this article that I snagged from Racked on Facebook, but I’m sharing it again because it’s actually super interesting. The title is a little bit ridiculous (in a fun way though, it’s all good) but the article is actually well-researched and weird enough to be interesting. Not to mention relevant, if you’ve been paying attention to the threats of worldwide nuclear demise on Twitter…anyway…there’s also a screenshot of a picture of a nuclear blast taken from a government web page in which the mushroom cloud contains a image of wolf face. My husband didn’t see it, but I totally did.

Bipolar Disorder Makes Me Want To Shop

I know, I know. Racked is huge and doesn’t need help getting views on their site, but I gotta give this major shopping and fashion publication props for covering mental illness. Or to the writer for finding a way to pitch mental illness in a way that made Racked interested…anyway, this is actually a pretty decent article that describes the mood swings associated with Bipolar Affective Disorder in a way that is both palatable to the mainstream audience, but also honest and true. That’s a rare find, so take a peek!

I Will Not Be Your Monster

This blog article about media depictions of Schizophrenia is an absolute must-read. It focuses specifically on Schizophrenia, but the main point can definitely be extrapolated to Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or any number of mental illnesses that receive their share of media misrepresentations. This is a cogent, comprehensive examination of social notions of Schizophrenia and the ways our biases manifest in the mainstream media.

Trump Is Declaring A National Emergency Over The Opioid Epidemic

There were a lot of articles over the weekend that addressed the recent presidential declaration, but this one actually outlines the recommendations made by the White House commission tasked to find solutions for the problem-which means we can use this to tick off exactly what Trump does and doesn’t do now that he’s made this declaration.

Lies Depression Tells Me

This blog article by Sheila O’Donnell describes the negative self-talk and other mental changes that occur within the depressed mind. It is an articulate, accessible explanation of a frustratingly common-and debilitating-phenomenon. She was awesome enough to add it to the Depression/Suicide themed Off-Fridays, and this post was also selected as the center of the conversation topic on the Betty’s Battleground Facebook page. After you read it, go ahead and join the conversation here!

There’s Been A Secret Safe Injection Site In The US For Three Years

Safe injections sites are the latest controversy in the narcotics treatment front. These are proposed designated locations in which IV drug users can come to safely inject drugs under the supervision of trained medical professionals. No one is selling them drugs, helping them procure drugs, or shooting them up. What they are doing is providing safe equipment (something provided by many “Needle Exchange” Programs across the country, and then administering Narcan-the drug that can reverse an opiate overdose-should they see the need. The intention is to reduce overdose deaths. Saving lives should not be controversial, but since many people don’t see addicts as human, it is. Though King County (where I live) has already voted to implement two of these sites, they are currently illegal. According to this article by Vice, however,one already exists somewhere in secret. Check out this report to learn more about what this looks like and whether it’s working.

 Reason My Kids Has Woken Me Up In The Night

This blog post is just undeniably funny. As the mother to not one but two kids who do NOT sleep through the NIGHT ever, I appreciate this post. Sleep deprivation is no joke, but sometimes the only way to get through something seriously trying is with jokes. And some of the reasons this particular mama gets woken up are pretty ridiculous, so if you’re a mama or a papa with kids who don’t let you get a full night’s rest, enjoy some humorous camaraderie in this post from Real Mom Recs.

Trump’s Cult Of White Victimhood

I loved that this article from The Progressive exists and I am proud to share it. It examines our country’s history of race baiting and intentionally amplifying racial tensions during times of black-white collaboration, and draws an obvious but poignant parallel to the recent behavior of our current administration. The argument is here is thoughtful, direct, but not aggressive and I hope we see more writing like this in the coming weeks as we try to recover from yet another psychotic presidential blunder.

Breastfeeding For Nurture…And Pleasure

This is a really interesting interview style article on Bitch about female pleasure/sexual responses to breastfeeding. This kind of thing is really personal, so I appreciate that they share the perspectives of several different breastfeeding mothers, who come from different backgrounds. Our society makes the sexuality of breastfeeding a thing when it really shouldn’t or needn’t be, so I appreciate that this conversation is published and available.

How Do I Contain My Rage At The Patriarchy?

I love this Q&A from The Nation, which rallies in defense of rage. Anger can be detrimental and monstrous, but it can also be fueling and, when channeled correctly, constructive. Rage is sometimes justified, and as this writer intelligently asserts, getting mad in those situations is healthy. Sometimes harboring a grudge is a form of intelligent defense. Sometimes rage is revolutionary.

Confessions Of A Methadone Mom

I’m cheating a little bit here because this is my own article that I wrote for Vox. This one was easy for me to write but difficult to share. I’ve been cycling through depression, anxiety, and pride over this article. On the one hand, I was on the front page of And I’m spreading awareness about a topic I am passionate about. On the other hand, even my own mom and closest friends didn’t know that I was on methadone when I was pregnant with my older daughter. I didn’t exactly lie, I just didn’t tell the truth. When my daughter was in the NICU for a month and a half, I said she started with jaundice and then got sick…true, just not the whole story. When I griped about not being able to breastfeed because of incompetent nurses, I didn’t share their (uninformed, biased) side. When CPS questioned my family, I attributed it to the fact that my brother-in-law with an arrest warrant was registered as living at our address. Also true, just not..but it was because my own addiction was a reality that I didn’t want to be living, and I didn’t want to talk about it. That’s still true, but carrying secrets is also heavy, so here’s my story. And that’s all I have to say about that. For now.

Follow Me On Twitter!

Alright, this one isn’t a proper article, but it is an announcement by one of my favorite mental health bloggers that she has joined Twitter. So grab her info here and follow her! I hope you click around her blog too, because there are some concise and wonderful entries about depression, anxiety, and other issues related to mental health/mental illness.

That’s 13!

And I hope you enjoy them. I’d love to do some more author interviews and book features, so please do get in touch if you’re an author with a book you’d like to see reviewed here.

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