Game Time! Is/Is Not: Addiction

Find out how much you know about addiction by playing "Is/Is Not: Addiction" on

I have something new for you today! There are a lot of misconceptions about various topics that affect many people in this world. So many misconceptions. I’m sure I hold a few. But, having been through some things that sit or cross those borders of “normal human experience” I also know the reality of many misunderstood topics. So I’m starting a new game! It’s called “Is/Is Not,” and in this game we’re going to dig into some common misconceptions about certain topics. Today we’ll be exploring addiction.

Addiction: the big scary beast that people oscillate between demonizing and appropriating. Everywhere we go, we constantly see misrepresentations of addiction. It is a loaded topic, and one that I have tons of personal experience with. But I have also held misconceptions about addiction and addicts in the past, so I’ll be addressing some of my own weird stereotypes here as well. Let’s play, shall we?

Is/Is Not: Addiction Edition. Test your knowledge of addiction on

Is/Is Not is a game that tests your knowledge about subjects we as a society commonly misunderstand. It’s very simple. Just decide if Addiction, this month’s topic, is or is not what is described below. Once you’ve made your choice, click through to find out if you know the truth, or hold a common misconception. Enjoy!

How did you do? Anything you’d like to add? What topic would YOU like to see covered on “Is/Is Not?” Leave your score and thoughts in the comments!

According to Canva, Eleanor Roosevelt once said “do you one thing every day that scares you.” Well, today I’ve certainly accomplished that one. If you’re interested in reading an article I wrote for Vox about my experiences with a highly stigmatized and misunderstood aspect of addiction that I have never openly discussed before, it was published while I put this post together. Read it here. If you want to send me hate mail, please use this e-mail address.

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    • Wow! Thank you Gloria. I am super honored 😀 I actually did one of these posts a couple months back but I’ll definitely give you a shout-out in an upcoming post <3

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