Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, Week 5: Depression + Suicide

Off-Fridays, THE Mental Illness Blog Share is BACK! Join Week 5 with your articles about depression and/or suicide-exclusively on

Happy Friday! Really, it’s an awesome Β Friday BECAUSE…it’s the first Friday of August! Which means…Off-Fridays, THE Mental Illness Blog Share is BACK. I’m so happy to bring my baby back. I missed my linky. I paused it for a month because I was placing too much of my own emotions and expectations on it. Too much of my creative drive was going into this blogger-built awareness project, and it was replacing social outreach. Which meant when people didn’t respond how I wanted and asked them to, I felt neglected and crappy.

So, I took the month off to battle depression and pursue happiness in other forms. And it paid off! I am soon to start as a contributing writer at Healthy Place’s PTSD blog, and I had a couple pitches picked up by and Tonic by Vice-the Tonic article, about my fear of happiness, was published this morning so check it out! I am marching forward with the freelancing, but I am also glad to bring Off-Fridays back, and I hope that you will join me in building some incredible mental health themed link-libraries.

This week’s theme is depression and suicide.

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I know, not the happiest topic. In fact, depression and suicide are just about the antithesis to happiness. These topics aren’t comfortable, but they are important. The World Health Organization estimates that every 40 seconds, someone on this planet ends their life. 8 million people are affected by depression yearly. That’s a big deal. That means in the time you’ve been reading this, someone has died by suicide, and millions of people are struggling just to get through the day. The more we shy away from difficult topics like depression, self-harm, and suicide, the more people we lose. So let’s speak up.

This week is all about sharing the raw, honest truth about depression and suicide, but also doing it in manner that is respectful. These are serious topics, so let’s bring them to light, but let’s also honor the fact that they affect people deeply. So, go ahead and share that letter in which you rage at someone you lost, or a poem that strikes right to the heart of your depression, but please make sure you are furthering awareness about the reality of depression and suicide, not furthering misinformation or stigma. Please don’t include articles that accuse suicide victims of selfishness, or equate depression with laziness.

I want this library to be comprehensive; full of links by a variety of bloggers with perspectives from all sides. You can leave your odes to Chester Bennington, the Linkin Park lead singer who succumbed to suicide last month, or you can share a how-to guide on helping someone who is in the midst of a depressive episode. Anything goes, as long as it relates to depression or suicide, and it follows the basic rules-AKA you keep it respectful.

Speaking of rules, here they are:

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24 thoughts on “Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, Week 5: Depression + Suicide

  1. I am so happy to come across a blog that talks about this subject! This subject is Tabo by many only for them to face bad news later! I will follow up on your blog hoping to learn and be more educated about the matter.

    • Thank you Dee! Check back once the library is complete too, there should be lots of different perspectives on the topics πŸ™‚

  2. Shared my link, commented on three other awesome posts. Thanks for having a platform for us to share our experiences Elizabeth!! Sending you lots of love, and thinking of you, always! xoxo Maria

  3. That’s a great idea and will probably help lots of people. I recently watched the series 13 Reasons which deals with the suicide of a teenage girl. It’s a subject that definitely needs to get more awareness!

    • Thanks Nadine, you’re definitely right that depression and suicide are topics that need to be talked about more, but it’s also important that we’re having the right conversations. 13 Reasons Why is not that. There have actually been copycat suicides because of that show. I watched it too-I know it can get you hooked, but that’s part of the problem. Suicide and rape should NEVER be used as hooks.

  4. Thankyou for bringing to light mental illnesses. I think we need to be able to speak more freely about them so that we can help those in need of it.

    • Lynnette-I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how hard that is. I do know what it feels like to be suicidal, and yes, it’s so important to be open with this information so that we can all feel less alone. <3 <3

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