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Blog Posts Of The Weeks: 10 Articles You Should Read Today

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It’s been a busy weekend. I’ve been writing, and editing, and applying for a (small) grant, plus playing with kiddos cuz it’s da weekend. I didn’t have time to put together a … Continue reading

Learn about one complex trauma's experiences with

Healing Words: “The Life Saving Effects Of EMDR”

I am really excited about today’s post. Last month, Karin opened up about parenting with PTSD in a Parenting With Mental Illness interview. Today, she shares her experiences with EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. I had not heard of EMDR … Continue reading

Learn how cutting myself helped combat dissociation and flashbacks-on

Coping With PTSD Through Self-Harm

Last week I published a research based article about 10 scientifically-backed reasons why humans self-harm.┬áToday, I’m going to get a lot more personal. PTSD is an extremely difficult disorder to live with. Coping is a daily struggle. In the past … Continue reading

Read about one woman's experience growing up with a mom who had untreated bipolar disorder-on

Tales From The Other Side: “Growing Up With An Untreated Bipolar Mom”

Today’s guest blogger, Christy, grew up in a household with a mother who had untreated Bipolar Disorder. I can’t claim to have the same experience, or anything remotely like it, but I do have an aunt who has untreated Bipolar … Continue reading

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The Big List Of Paying Markets: Mental Health

Note: This post contains sponsored links. For more information, please see the Sponsored Links and Posts Disclaimer on my Mission+Legal Page. I’m proud to say that Betty’s Battleground has reached it’s half-year mark. I started ‘er at the end of … Continue reading

Find out why people self-injure, on

10 Scientifically Backed Reasons Why Humans Self-Harm

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase “self-injury?” If your first thought is a black garbed teenage girl who is “just trying to get attention,” then this list will surprise you. There is a lot of stigma surrounding … Continue reading

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12 Science Fiction Books To Add To Your Mental Health Reading List

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “science fiction?” Robots? Time travel? Aliens? What about ‘realism?’ Not so much? Most people don’t think that science fiction has much to say about reality. Science fiction is supposed to … Continue reading

A guest post about vicarious PTSD

Tales From The Other Side: Is PTSD Contagious?

Today’s guest post covers a topic that is not discussed often, especially within the PTSD community. Is PTSD contagious? Of course, in the common usage of the word “contagious,” it is not. PTSD is not a virus or a bacteria. … Continue reading

Learn how my PTSD+Depression affect my kids in a tellall confessional on

A Family Problem: How My PTSD+Depression Affect My Kids

Although living with PTSD, Minor Depression, and an Addiction Disorder often feels like the loneliest existence on the planet, these are issues which affect my entire family. Especially when I am in the depths of an episode, I like to … Continue reading

Mandy Wijn from the blog Mom Mandy talks about her experiences with Depression and Anxiety on

Parenting With Mental Illness: Mandy (Depression+Anxiety)

Hello! Thank you for dropping by this fine day in July! Or if you’re in the part of the world that says things like “fine day in December” (so weird), then thank you for dropping by this cold wretched day … Continue reading

Find out what the hell a Blaargh award is-on

Friday Happy Post! LiebShine BLAARGH Award!

Hey, you, pssst…over here! Wanna know what that title’s about? I dunno if any of you blog reading people have noticed, but there are two Blogger “Awards” going around that are exactly the same, but have two different names. The … Continue reading

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Healing Words: Undoing The Legacy Of Abuse

Jack’s Story: Undoing The Legacy Of Abuse Hello! Welcome to the day after you drank too much. How do you feel? Seriously though, I hope you had a happy 4th of July. Whether you’re an American or not, yesterday was … Continue reading

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Book PLAY of the Weeks 7/3-7/16/2017: Cabaret

Sacrelige! My “book of the weeks” is not a book. I couldn’t resist myself this week. I have been singing Cabaret showtunes ever since I saw Roundabout Theatre’s National Tour last weekend. Everything from ‘Willkommen,’ to ‘Mein Herr,’ to ‘Don’t … Continue reading