Blog Posts Of The Weeks: 10 Articles You Should Read Today

 Need something interesting to read? Try one of these blog posts, recommended on bettysbattleground.comHello! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It’s been a busy weekend. I’ve been writing, and editing, and applying for a (small) grant, plus playing with kiddos cuz it’s da weekend. I didn’t have time to put together a whole new Book Of The Weeks post. Plus, I’m gonna bet that you have still not read all 12 of the awesome science fiction books that cover mental health topics I recommended last time. Am I right? And, honestly, I haven’t finished the book I’m reading, which I love and want to recommend to you. You’ll just have to wait.

Today, instead of a book, I’m going to recommend some of the most interesting blog posts and articles that I’ve read these past couple weeks. These posts are all well written, engaging, full of useful information, and further the conversations on mental health, women’s issues, and parenting…ya know, the stuff I cover on here regularly. On Wednesday I’ll have a brand shiny new post by yours truly, and on FRIDAY, when it will be August again, I’ll be restarting Off-Fridays, the mental illness blog share that converts into a permanent link library! I hope you’ll join and drop a link or two from your blogs! Today, take a moment to read these posts by other writers fighting mental illness stigma one brilliant word at a time.

Blog Articles You Should Read Today

Bored? Looking for something to read? Check out these 10 blog articles-on

What It’s Like To Be Afraid Of Talking On The Phone

by Alison Cervoj. I was so excited when this post showed up on my newsfeed! I did not know that other people have telephone phobias. Telephonophobia affects me hardcore, and it really interferes with my daily life. Mine arose because my abuser used to sometimes grab and smash my dinky little cellphones to prevent me from calling my mom or the police or friends he didn’t want me to speak to. Anyway, this article describes the phenomenon in clear, easy-to-understand language. It’s great!

How To Set Healthy Boundaries (Without Guilt)

by Sheila O’Donnell. The author is a former MHP who lives with PTSD and Bipolar Affective Disorder, so she brings her expertise and her personal experience to her writing, which I think is wonderful. This post describes a struggle shared by many of us with mental health conditions-setting boundaries. If you, too, have issues with setting boundaries, this piece is definitely worth the read.

Veteran’s Charity Allegedly Preys On Philanthropists

by Melody Nolan and Patricia Eden. A couple of mental health bloggers I know encountered a pretty weird (and scary) scam artist who’s going around trying to steal blogs from people and garner donations for a project that doesn’t appear to be truly happening. Learn more in this whistleblowing article on HuffPost.

Origin Stories: “It Doesn’t Matter”

Author Amanda Ngoho Reavey was one of my grad school cohorts. She’s an incredibly intelligent, kind, and vivacious woman whose thirst for knowledge and connection is profoundly inspiring. Read anything and everything you can by her, starting with this article about origin stories and her search for ancestry as a transracial, transnational adoptee.

Ending Mom Guilt: 23 Things To Stop Feeling Guilty Right Now

It’s a list post, but it’s not fluff. Elizabeth Voyles, writer, mother, and awesome human being, helps ease your mom guilt with her unique blend of frankness and humor. It’s short and sweet, but also reassuring for all the moms out there who constantly worry that we’re doing it all wrong, and we’re the only ones.

Cherophobia: Fig Wins The 2016 Colorado Book Award In The YA Category

Sarah Schantz, author of Fig, which I previously featured as a “Book Of The Weeks,” discusses cherophobia in this post on her blog. Cherophobia is a condition marked by fear or aversion to happiness which sometimes accompanies PTSD, and which I share with her. I had been living with the fear of happiness for a while, but this post was what helped me give it a name and better understand, and fight, the feeling. It is yet another example of Sarah’s beautiful, lyrical writing, and something that should be read by anyone who wants to better understand cherophobia, especially in the context of success.

Thousands Of Women Try To Make A Living Blogging And Vlogging-Most Fail

by Gaby Dunn. This article on Vox First Person, which is going to be publishing a confession of one of my biggest secrets soon, discusses the financial life of female bloggers; one which is, generally, not marked by fortune, even if it does come with relative fame.

What It’s Like Being The Only Black Contestant On The Bachelor

by Rachel Lindsay. Again on Vox First Person, this story of a woman who was the only black contender on Season 10 of The Bachelor claims that she was there to be a token angry black woman, and tells a pretty grimy story about producers who got her drunk and race baited her.

Fentanyl Overdose Survivors Are A Hidden Health Crisis

by Allison Tierney. This is a pretty disturbing article on Tonic by Vice about the occasional effects of surviving overdose. I was probably more interested in this than average, because of course I’ve overdosed intentionally, and also unintentionally more than a few times. I didn’t have any of these terrible lasting damages, but it’s scary to think I could have. And there are people out there living this way because their drugs were laced in efforts to save some dealer money and get people more hooked. Ugh.

Does Taking A Mental Health Day Help For Individuals With PPD And PPA?

IMommy, Maria’s motherhood blog, is one of my favorites around. Maria was my first ever Parenting With Mental Illness interviewee. She opened up about life with Postpartum Depression. In this blog post, she uses her characteristic honesty to discuss some recent struggles…that feel a lot like my own recent struggles. Mothers need support. When our families are unable or unwilling to be there, we suffer, and then the kids suffer. In this post Maria discusses motherhood, mental illness, marriage (you get to see some wedding pics!), support, and why taking a nice long mental health day is not just okay-it’s necessary. Maria is great at talking about the personal in a way that feels universal. If you want to feel a little less alone, read this post.

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